Living in America is such fantastic thing because we are surrounded by so many culturally diverse groups of people. By interacting with different cultures we are able to engage in a variety of experiences. I happen to believe that food is a great way to explore culture. Having said that, I have become compelled to share my thoughts on mexican cuisine in the East Bay area. Further, because of the vast number of mexican dining locations, I have decided to center my blog around their mobile locations.

The topic I have chosen to dedicate this blog is for East Bay taco trucks and their surrounding culture. This page will be a monumental source for anyone in the east bay area who enjoys the wonders of fine mexican cuisine. If you currently dine at mobile food places or you wish to discover a new dinning experience, this blog is for you.

Currently, there is a profuse amount of mobile mexican food spots in the east bay area. Unfortunately, only a certain select are worth mentioning. I have made this blog as a guide for the everyday person in the east bay area who is seeking a pleasurable, quality, and fast meal. I will do this by reviewing many kitchens, interviewing many people, and taking many photos of my experiences. By doing so, I will be eating a lot of the food and comparing it to many other places. Lastly, their will be news and updates about the taco truck community. My vision is that anyone who visits my blog will become motivated and confident to have their next meal at a mobile taco truck in the East Bay area.

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  1. I often visit your blog everyday to read new topics

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