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Gloving is an artistic dance form based on LED lights placed in the fingertips of gloves, the person using the lights moves their fingers to dance along with the beats and rhythms of electronic dance music aka “EDM”. This phenomenon was created in the early 2000s and has gained it’s┬ápopularity amongst those who are associated with the rave scene. Since then, there has been a growing community of glovers throughout the world who appreciate and enjoy this new trend.

There is a large selection to choose from when it comes to getting lights for your gloves. A complete glove set consists of the glove itself, a casing, a chip or LED light, and a diffuser. There are different shapes and sizes for each part, and depending on how serious you are about gloving, prices can go over $100. The reason why they can get so expensive is because there is a variety of modes and colors to choose from, giving you endless customization options on how you want your lights to look like.

Aside from the wonders and beauty this art form can bring, there are legal disputes in certain places of the world created by government officials who consider it to be “drug paraphernalia” due to the misconception that it is associated with rave events and music festivals. This blog covers both sides of the spectrum, showing articles and videos to educate those who are not familiar with this controversy.

I hope that this blog will inspire many to join this new art form as well as answer the many questions about the lifestyle of gloving.

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  1. This is an interesting topic and I’m looking forward to learn more about it. I like seeing the extents people will go to for a hobby and how a lot of people even take it to be their passion.

  2. This is a good blog topic because you are covering different aspects of your topic. Not only is there info on the entertainment, you also discuss pricing and legality. Good shit, very interesting and different.

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