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My name is Jaron Delmendo-Cervantes & I am from the city of Vallejo. I am attending Ex’pression College of Digital Arts to major in the field of Motion Graphic Design because I want to find better ways to express my creative side through graphics. I chose the topic of LED Light Gloves because it is a hobby I enjoy & something I feel quite passionate about. By doing this project, I hope to educate and inspire more people to join the growing community of glovers.

Hi, my name is Spencer Smith. I’m initially from Fresno, CA, but I moved to the bay to pursue a career in sound engineering. I attend Ex’pression College’s Sound Arts program and I have a long history with a passion for music and an affinity for performance. In my first months of living in the bay I embarked out to San Francisco and experienced the live EDM(Electronic Dance Music) scene. In enveloping myself in the craze, I also fell in love with light gloving. I was moved to do my own research and discover as much about this new art form as I could; I learned that gloving is as intuitive to personal expression as it is enticing. Thus, I now find myself an active member of a project aimed at en-“light”-ning those who wish to know more.

My name is Sergio Aguirre. I currently attend Ex’pression College of Digital Arts. I am a Sound Arts major. I enjoy creativity, the type that is somewhat brushed off by mainstream media. I aspire to be a music producer/engineer, and maybe a live DJ. I discovered gloving a few months ago through a friend. I was immediately hooked. From what I know, gloving started around 2005-2006, and has grown since then. I wanted to be a part of this project to find out more about the culture, and everything else that surround the art of gloving.

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