POV: Diffraction Glasses

The top image shows how lights are manipulated through diffraction glasses and the bottom is how it looks without the glasses. Diffraction glasses separate the colors that make up white light & create a rainbow-like color spectrum. The type of light, color of light, angle, and intensity, all have different effects on how the light is broken up.
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This type of music isn’t understood by everyone. To some people, EDM is just “techno” music or what everyone is into now-a-days. But to the rest of the true EDM fanatics, it’s something much more profound than that. For us, it’s a spiritual thing; it’s a body thing; it’s a soul thing. It’s something we hold so close to our hearts.

It’s a world of its own. Where nothing & everything makes sense. The love, the passion, the sincerity is all combined to create such life changing memories that will never be forgotten. Some things in life can be easily forgotten with time, but the feeling I get when my favorite artist drops my favorite tracks is something I will never forget. The culture, the scene, the good vibes, the company, & the memories created is unlike anything. EDM brings people together like no other music can. In those moments, we are united as one. We are filled with so much love. We are free.

The music speaks to me as it uplifts my heart & soul. Once the bass hits my ears, my skin begins to tingle & the goosebumps keep getting stronger. It’s the adrenaline that fills me & the synth waves that get me so lifted. As I’m swaying side to side to the rhythm, I’m being carried on a journey where I’m able to escape to the highest plateau of serenity. I’ve become so sedated in a state of bliss. It’s a feeling of belonging, a feeling of peace, a feeling that surges through my entire body as it electrifies my soul. I am alive. I am free.

Music is a total constant. That’s why we have such a strong visceral connection to it, you know? Because a song can take you back instantly to a moment, or a place, or even a person. No matter what else has changed in your or the world, that one song stays the same, just like that moment.
— Sarah Dessen

Hand in Glove: ‘Gloving’ Light Shows Dominate Raves, Stir Controversy

This article talks about how popular gloving has gotten at raves as well as the controversy it has by being banned from certain events. It also covers various big names in the gloving scene and their views on the whole movement, with them describing that it holds artistic traits and brings them together as a community.