Final Film


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New New Treatment

We abandoned our approach from before, of interviewing several artists about their process and their advice in overcoming anxiety etc., to instead focus on Jessica and her sisters and how they could deliver a similar message in a more interesting way. The voice is a more positive and intimate, though the sisters briefly discuss their struggles with self criticism as well. The film is from the perspective of the sisters and the sharing of their experiences. We used lots of shots of the sisters creating things and interacting with each other as well as other b-roll of childhood photos. The intro is animated with the Try-Cycle logo and then introduces the characters before stating the title of the film. The sisters then talk about their childhoods and go into when they developed their self criticism. Finally they discuss how they cope with these issues and how it’s better to not over think and to just create things and enjoy the act of creating art, delivering the film’s message.

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Rough Cut


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John Strader Trailer


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The Frustrated Artist Trailer by Jessica Flores




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TRAILER!!! by Sergio


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New Treatment

We’ve been throwing around a lot of ideas which were in the right direction we wanted, but hadn’t found a very focused or meaningful concept until today when we broke through our own creative block and dealt with some very real frustration. We found that the reasons behind one’s frustration would be a more logical and a more simple approach to our film, don’t address the emotional response so much as to address the underlying reasons why we get stuck and angry and how we overcome that. We want to help people tear down their self-critics, to learn ways of overcoming anxiety in themselves and about other people, to learn to not be afraid, to not give a shit and just create.

So the overall focus of our piece is that we’re looking to help people overcome their self critics and to learn ways of overcoming anxiety in themselves, and from other people’s responses when it comes to making and sharing art work. We want to communicate this through exploring artists processes and talking with them about how they cope with or have overcome their anxieties.

What are you unsure of, critical of, discouraged by, as an artist?

Do you feel you get in your own way when creating, with self criticism or worrying about external responses?

If you do, why does it matter to you what other people think of your work? What bothers you the most?

IF you don’t care, how did you get to that place where you don’t worry about external responses to your work?

Is it easier to create art when you don’t care as much about the outcome/response?

What is your process from inspiration to action and finally completion?

What do you do when you become unhappy or frustrated with a work to get it back to a place where you are comfortable?

Possible additional questions:

What drives you to make art works? Is it therapeutic/cathartic?

What do you feel about the difference between the art of a child versus that of an adult? Why are children so uninhibited? What do you think, if anything, changes when you grow up?

How does exhibiting or presenting your work make you feel? How does that influence your passion to create?

Passion–> Process –> Exhibition–> Passion–> Process –> Exhibition

Jessica Flores: Cinematographer, Editor

Sergio Gocobachi: Sound, Music/Score

John Strader: Producer, Motion Graphics, Animation

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The Frustrated Artist comes from the curiosity Jessica felt towards artists who face obstacles and frustration when creating art, and how they deal with the road blocks that occur.
As a group John, Jessica, and I threw out ideas to try and come up with what we’re trying to put across to the audience. We came into agreement, and decided that we want to capture the
essence of inspiration arts feel that keeps them motivated enough to have art as a career. In short, how do you define inspiration?
Jessica, John and I have been in a group since MSV, together we make up “Try-Cycle Productions”. Our production team is composed of like-minded individuals built with a variety of
opinions, yet open minded to accept new ideas and philosophies. Our vision for this project is to make it as artistic as possible, as well as trying to capture the human emotion artists feel
towards their work. We’re going to try and use a “head-first” approach at first, because we will need to find artists willing to be interviewed. To do this, we’re going to need to try and be a little in-your-face to find local artists.
This documentary will be a second-person approach, meaning it will be us, and the artists. This documentary will be based on interviews, as well as try and capture some moments of
creations from the artists themselves, or students around our school. By doing this, it will help the audience feel a personal connection with the people we interview, and well as get inspired
to create something of their own when they see images and film of art being created.

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The creative survey.

I couldn’t find much surveys or stats done online so I decided to take matters in to my own hands. I asked 22 friends and family members, what time of the day they felt like they are most creative. They got to chose from the options of; Early in the morning, Afternoon, Late night, or All times.

This is what I found:

Out of 22 people, I found that 2 are most creative in the afternoon, 3 are always creative, 7 are creative early in the morning, and 10 are creative at night time.

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The Interview of Monica Flores (The Epic Battle artist) plus the sound-scape

If there are two people in my life who truly keep me inspired to move on and keep going when times feel sucky, it would be both of my little sisters. One is 21 (Monica) while the other one is 4 (Elycia). Even though they are both extremely different ages, they have time where they both act the same. They both have this amazing outgoing crazy personality that always wants to do something adventurous and extreme, like jumping off a roof or swimming with sharks. Both my little sisters are as crazy as their own imaginations. This being said, I decided to let my oldest little sisters share her crazy insane ideas of how she over comes her creativity blocks, enjoy!

The Epic interview of Monica “Danger” Flores

Example of Monica’s “Epic Battles”… and yes she was making sound effects for 10 mins while drawing this…


After interviewing my sister, Monica,  we thought it would be funny if Monica interviewed our 4 year old sister, Elycia. Elycia was so hyper and all over the place that it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be, however but we managed to get something.

Advice from a 4 year old, Elycia Flores

Elycia also wanted to post one of her drawings that she personally made for the blog


I created a sound with scribbles and paper ripping for my sound scape, that just listening to it sounds frustrating.

The frustrating sound.


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