15 Questions…


  1. What started the gold rush?

  1. History of Coloma?

  1. What were the main ways that they collected gold?

  1. Where they prepared for the harsh weather changes in the mid mountains?

  1. Were there any deaths in the area?

  2. What real life fears and struggles did the miners have to worry about?

  3. What superstitions did they have?

  4. Did the immigrants from other countries influence the fears and hesitation of the miners?

  5. What are tommyknockers?

  6. What is the reasoning behind the naming of mines in the female tence?

  7. Have you had experiences involving something you can't explain?

  8. Items left behind in mines? Mines abandoned for reasons pertaining to ghosts?

  9. What influence did the indians in the area give? If any?

  10. Different countries superstitions dealing with mines?

  11. Women in the mine? Why is it considered bad luck?


Story of a Shock Man From the Past (Library post)


"One day at Goldenhohe a miner was carring a hunk of mineral ore when he saw a mining gnome. Since the miner forgot to give the proper greeting, the spirit grabbed the oreand smashed it to the floor into a thousand pieces. Twisting and screaming, it disappeared, and the earth trembled." "Now and again there were spirits in the mountains, ecspecailly at the mines: small grey creatures wearing large felt hats. they abducted and killed miners when they did not behave poroerly. tehy were to stand to the right and keep silent."

"These were the spirits of the Erzgebirge. Born of waving shadows, eerie sounds and grotesque forms- the cause of countless accedents and misfortunes underground. The spirits would also warn of impending dangers and unsafe conditions."


copywrite: Dym, Warren. "Studies in Central European Histories : Divining Science : Treasure Hunting and Earth Science in Early Modern Germany".Brill.2010. Print

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HangTown AKA Placerville

There are sveral hidden mines and proof of mining all around the Placerville are. There are abandoned partly dug caves, water wells, man made walls and water shafts, houses, bottles and others. 

Hang town was named so because of the hangmans tree that was at the center of the town. Not only was it a threat to the local theives that stole gold but was in constant use. There were three hangings a day on average. gold was not somehting to be taken lightly. this made the locals that were serounded in death that much more convenced that the town was haunted. 


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