Eyes of Madness Voice Over and Script

In the Eyes of Madness is a documentary that strives for an honest look into the life of an individual with a mental illness and how it affects them.

What most people have trouble realizing is that someone with a mental illness is still a person. A mentally ill person may have different hardships than you, with different ways to handle them, but at their core they are just another person living life as best as they can. I hope this project will break through some of that all encompassing stigma, especially that surrounding therapy and medication, so people without these particular hardships can better understand, and so someone who needs help is more comfortable in getting the help they need.

As someone whose daily life is affected by Bipolar Disorder, I have my own experiences to bring to the table. This documentary aims to give people the potential to understand loved ones a little bit better and at the very least, gives them a view into mental illness, unburdened by society’s baggage along with Hollywood’s misleading and harmful stereotypes. In the end, if this video helps even one person, whether that is to gain a new understanding or the courage to make that first step in getting help, I would consider it a resounding success.


The music used is “Young Love” by BoxCat Games, available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution License.