About the Project


My topic is story about a teacher name John Boychuk that is an artist and his story of his life and being an artist.  Learning his process when he does his artwork. Finding art that change over time and find out how artist have adapted and/or working in the digital world. Also adding how colors work and what color is pleasing to the eye.


Person: John Boychuk, Ebony Walker Place: Sae Expression, Thing: His story of becoming and being an artist and coloring pictures.


The story I want it to tell is about an artist work and tell a story of becoming an artist and what to go through.


John Boychuk the teacher from Drawing Bootcamp in Sae Expression.

Ebony Walker, the student and artist that draws digitally.


The location is Sae Expression. This place is important because I don't want to drive to place and waste gas in my car and money.


My project is a story about the person's life of being an artist and what he has been through to become an artist for the traditional work he makes. While putting color demonstrations using videos of speed paint.


The topic I picked is to explain a story about John Boychuk's history, a teacher from Sae Expression that teach in Drawing Bootcamp. He will explain his story from beginning to end of artistic life and his artwork.


the age audience age group is 18-50 because they will get the understanding of being an artist for traditional media.


My approach on this project is that I wanted to show off the artwork that was made in two different media and just showcasing pictures of art.


I am interested about the project because I would like learn about things as I'm making projects and getting the understanding of it as well. I am hoping the audience would like it and hopefully learn about the things that might help in what they are doing. This project needs to exist because it would be great to hear stories about teachers that have gone through the possible struggles of being an artist.