Project Proposal

TITLE: The Making of a Champion


Adriot Productions

Evan Bass

Kyle Scornaienchi

Zack Pope

Dernell Gilliam


An in depth look at two, life-long Golden State Warriors fans who have who have witnessed their team transform over the NBA's last 40 years.


Our intended audience is all new Golden State Warriors fans of all ages.


We want our audience to see that the Golden State Warriors were not always the team that we have seen over the last 6 years. We want them to have knowledge of how the team completely rebuilt itself to the success that they are today. We also want the audience to have an understanding of the difficult history that the Warriors fans, players, and back office have had to suffer through the last 40 years. On screen, we will show the dedication and loyalty that these life-long fans display for their team. We want our audience to connect deeper to the Warriors than just the last couple years and really feel the love that these fans and the Bay Area have shared with the team through the thick and the thin.


The interviews will be the main dialogue and sound for our film. We will also mix in archival audio from past and present Warriors games that will help connect with the audience with the interviewee's stories. As for music, we want the music to match the mood of the particular timeline of the Warriors franchise that we are examining. The good times and runs for the team will have upbeat and lively music, whereas the playoff droughts and past failures of the team will have dramatic, darkened toned music. For the credits and intro, we want to use a "Space Jam" feeling for the soundtrack to really grab the audiences attention. 

TREATMENT (1 to 3 pages, single spaced)

 We fade in to hear and see the 1975 Golden State Warriors winning the NBA finals. This was the last championship experienced by the loyal Bay Area fans. Then you see the next 39 years of failure, from draft picks opting out of contracts, to the Warriors being just plain bad on the court. You will feel the pain of watching these old teams. It is here that we will meet Franklin Frykberg and Jeremy Galten, two Warriors fans in their 20s that have been watching/going to games their whole lives. We see old pictures of them in Warriors gear, cheering on their facvorite team. Then we meet Jordan Ramirez and the staff of as they discuss the changes in the way the Warriors run their team. Now we spend a minute talking about the biggest athlete in the world; Stephen Curry. We hear Frank, Jeremy and Jordan talk about his impact and we also get a fan perspective by talking to fans outside of a Warriors game. Then we discuss an overview of the 2015 season, building to the NBA finals. The music will begin to swell. Footage of the 1975 championship will be crosscut with the 2015 Finals. The music reaches its biggest point and BAM the Warriors have won the 2015 NBA Championship. Images of smiling fans cross the screen at a rapid pace mixed with footage from the celebration. The music slows and we hear our interviewees say what the championship truly meant to them and we fade out to black to end. 


We will use a lot of archived footage of old Warriors teams with a written voice over to teach the audience about some Warriors history. We will also use Voice Over dialogue from our interview subjects as well as just showing our interview subjects talking to the camera. We will also used archived audio from old Warriors games to show context.