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Team Financial Profile

The Forbes finacncial Profile for the Golden State Warriors

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The Worth of the Warriors

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Warriors Championship Documentary

Here's a Documentary about the Warriors Championship, looking at it from a different angle than I will. 

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Interview with Bob Meyers

An interesting interview with General Manager Bob Meyers. 

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The Draft Lottery

The 2011 Draft Lottery seen through the eyes of Joe Lacob. This was his first season as Co-Owner of the team.

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Great Article about Joe Lacob

This article has been a huge help in my research and coming up with ideas for my project. 

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Recent Editing Work

Recently, I edited a trailer for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I still remember seeing the Fellowship of the Ring back in 2001 with my dad. Those three movies are the reason that I wanted to get into filmmaking so it felt right to edit a trailer for it. 

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Production Company Logo

I came to this school to study filmmaking. As a filmmaker, I am very aware of other films being made currently. I watch as many movies as I can as a way to both inspire me, and to show me what others are doing. Before every movie, production company logos fade in and out, showing who was responsible for the film. This is my take on a production company logo. It was inspried by my Persian heritage. It is a illustrated version of Mt. Damavand in Iran. 


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My Mood Board


My mood board is broken down into two parts. On the left, an acronym for the word "Warriors". All the words selected represent the entire franchise as a whole. and on the right, a shiny image of star power forward Draymond Green and the iconic logo for the Golden State Warriors. 

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