Access and Interviewees

People with inside access to the Golden State Warriors:

Jordan Ramirez – Writer for Bleacher Report

WarriorsWorld (Rasheed) – A fan run website since 2001 that has grown to be one of the biggest fan sites in pro sports.

Season Ticket Holders:

Jeremy Galten and Franklin Frykberg – Two cousins that have been season ticket holders for 20 years. They've experienced both the terrible years and now the current golden years of the Warriors and have a perspective shared by a genteration of Warriors fans. 

Interview Questions:

Q: What do you know about the 1975 Championship, if anything?

Q: Why did you continue being a Warriors fan through all those awful years?

Q: What were your initial thoughts when you heard the Lacob/Gruber Group had won the bid to buy the team?

Q: Many fans were very upset when Monta Ellis was traded, what did you think?

Q: After two successful seasons with Mark Jackson, the Warriors decided to fire him. Many fans cried fowl and thought the team was destroying everything they had worked towards. Why do you think it was the right move at the time?

Q: The Warriors were finally able to win a Championship last year after 40 years. What did that mean to you?

Q: What do you think the future holds for this Franchise?