About Us

Evan Bass


I never know really what to write in these "about me" sections, but I have to, so here we go. My name is Evan Jeffrey Bass and I'm studying Digital Filmmaking at Ex'pression Digital Arts College. I've always loved movies. At a young age, my father indocrinated me with films such as the original Star Wars Trilogy, Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park. Unlike some people who say "I always knew what I wanted to do", I didn't. For a while there, I wanted to be a professional athelte. That makes me laugh now, but I was actually decent at Football and Baseball. I also spent a decent amount of time in a band. We played over 50 shows in the Bay Area and even had a recording contract with Studio 880 in Oakland. After all of that, my good buddy Kyle asked me to star in a movie he was making. This reinvigorated my love for film and made me realize that I could actually do it. Making movies always seemed like this massive thing that normal people couldn't really do. Well, here I am now studying what I truly enjoy. Here's hoping it works out. 

Zach Pope


This is Zach Pope. I am a student at Ex'pression College studying Interactive Audio. I come from having a music background and have studied and played the drum and percussion for 15 years. What brought me to Ex'pression College was my interest in post production of sound in movies and video games. The Interactive Audio program matched up with my interest for sound production in the Gaming Industry.

My biggest drive is my love for games and movies. I have always had an interest in how sounds from films were added and learned that I had an interest in foley art. Ten years from now I hope to be working with a game company as an audio lead or doing solo contract work for movies and film. What really peaked my interest in sound for gaming was a video done by Arena Net's Audio Team showing off how they gathered and made sounds for their game, Guild Wars 2. Going out in the field and capturing interesting sounds from different environments looked really cool. I hope one day to work in a similar environment where I have the freedom to explore and create awesome sounds.

Kyle Scornaienchi


My name is Kyle Scornaienchi (scorn-ee-yankee). I am a 22 year old filmmaker from Tracy, CA. Currently, I am studying at Ex'pressions Digital Arts College based out of Emeryville, CA. I have been a filmmaker seriously for about a year and a half now and have began to brand myself and my craft to the people and the world wide web as Yank the Kid Cinema. Over my year and a half of work, I have planned, shot, directed, and edited dozens of music videos for independent artists all across California. My projects are mostly shot on a Canon 70D and are edited in Final Cut Pro X. Aside from music videos, I have also made a promotional short film for a live acting showcase that my friends and partners put on in the summer of 2015. This event took place in Hollywood, CA at the Santa Monica Theatre. My partners and I rented the venue, market, sold tickets, and produced a live acting show. Ultimately, my goals are to direct and produce music videos and feature films out of Los Angeles. Cliche, to say the least, I know. I truly believe that myself and my partners are encumbered in talent and passion and are surrounded with the opportunities and resources to achieve our dreams. Myself, I am deteremined to stop at nothing to achieve these goals and obtain success in the film industry.

Dernell Gilliam


My name is Dernell L. Gilliam. I was born 3/6/87 in the east bay area of California, in the rough city of Oakland. Due to finacial hardships and irreconcilable differences between my parents, and an ever present need to compose one's self; I was entrusted to my Grandparents at an early age to the  rural back woods of Louisiana. I would travel a lot over the years moving regularly from Marion Louisiana to Oakland Ca multiple times, Dallas Tx and finally Sacramento Ca. As you could imagine this was a very rough time with transitioning and experiencing different culture shocks early on I left it to myself to seek guidance and discipline. I developed a strong relationship with music and entertainment and imagined myself atop the entertainment world one day. I called for help from alien life forms around the age of13….they said it would take a while to make the journey but hey what do i know about space travel. Through my teen years i sought out the many adored styles of my people…. Jazz, Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, Blues,RnB,Reggea in an attempt to prepare myself to tell my story and inspire those like me. capable yet unsure, strong and maybe not as willing………I've been dragged down this journy by my own doing and now I have to carry out the mission I pray I have what it takes….. Are you ready to Love. It's the only way we will survive.