Session 6 Intro/Conclusion

Session 6:


To intro our documentary, we plan to follow a specific structure. Our documentary structure is based around the 2015 NBA Finals. We plan to start the documentary showing clips from the beginning of the game to the end of game one. The clips will be brief and include commentary from the game so that the audience will know what is going on. After we show enough clips of the game, we will put up the final score and transition into our first chapter (the 1975 championship).

            For our conclusion, we will be showing the final game of the 2015 Finals. This is where the Warriors won the game in Cleveland and clinched the title. Specifically, we will show clips of the warriors celebrating after the game. We want our clips to be in slow motion with an upbeat soundtrack. After we show the clips, we will have a voiceover about the fans playing over clips from the warriors championship parade. The screen will then fade to black.

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