Session 1/2 Approach

Session 1 & 2 : Approach Post

Our approach for this documentary will be as followed. We plan on showing the 40 year history of the warriors from the 1975 championship, up until there last NBA title in 2015. We will use an expository voiceover approach to display the history aspect of the warriors. This will give our audience back story content to the Golden State Warriors. Another approach we would like to implement into our documentary is poetic. When we show clips of the 2015 NBA Finals, we cannot show the full game (obviously). To show the emotion of the Final games, we will use clips that show the winning team running successful plays, scoring baskets, and celebrating. For the losing team, we will show them disappointed and defeated. The final approach we will use is observational. We plan to go to a Warrior’s game and grab footage of the excited fans before the Oracle Arena opens. The three approaches will come together nicely to create a good documentary.

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