Session 4: Core Concept

If you have followed the NBA at all in the last 20 years, then you know that the Warriors were not always the team that they are nowadays. In The Making of a Champion, we take a close look at the two life-long warriror fans and their sturggles with the franchise before the team's recent successes. Franklin Frykberg and Jeremy Galten, Bay Area natives and cousins have followed the Warriors for 25 years and have lived through the playoff drought. 2 Legit 2 Quit Productions follows takes a look into the past of the Warriors organization and the dedication of these two life-long fans.

Our main characters are Franklin and Jeremy. We also have a few supporting characters. We have a few staff members from Warrior's World (a fan supported website) willing for an interview to provide accurate history on the team's past seasons. We also have plans to interview Jordan Ramirez, a writer for and also get his take as a journalist of the team and a fan. Besides talking headshots of each character, we also plan to get a lot of B-roll of the stadium and fans before the game. Specifically, we plan to get B-Roll shots of Franklin and Jeremy fan gear and old photos of them at Orcale Arena and wearing old memorabilia.

The conflict that is driving our story is how Franklin and Jeremy remained faithful Warriors fans even through how unsuccessful the team was for the past 40 years. It takes more than just love to remain faithful to a team, especially a relatively unsuccessful team such as the Warriors. Faith and love can only get you to a certain point. Within oneself, you have to be mentally strong to take all the criticism that the Warriors have gone through the last 40 years. The internal stuggle for the life-long Warriors fans is shaped by resiliencey.

The types of changes that we wish to unfold during our piece is to show the audience the infastructural changes made in the Warriors front office that made the team what they are today. We would also like to show the hope that the warriros fans felt during the 2007 playoff run and how close they were to ending the championship drought. We really want the audience to grasp how far the team has come since its past championship title with Rick Barry.

The inciting incident that drives this story is the year after the Warriors won the NBA title. Little did the Warrior's fans, players, coaches, and front office executives know that the team was headed for a 40 year drought after 1975. Although our main subjects were not alive during this era, it is important to educate all the new Warrior's fans on the franchises history and hardship. This will be our point of entry.

We really do not see any issues when it comes to representing this film visually. We will have great interview footage, plenty of B-Roll at the stadium and at the subjects house, interview footage of our experts, and archival footage of past games; both failures and successes of the warrior. This archival footage will also include postgame interviews of coaches and players.

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  1. Regarding "change", this is the transformation experienced by your audience as a result of experiencing your story. Wherever you start the story is your decision. By the end of your story, we should somehow feel differently about what we learned in the beginning.