Tier One

For general use for students in MSV or beyond if not being used by a lab or reservation.

Audio Equipment

Visual Equipment

LMW Equipment

AKG C1000 (6)
AKG C3000 (5)
B.L.U.E. Snowball USB Mic (1)
S.E. Electronics SE2200 (3)
Shure SM57 (23)
Shure SM58 (12)
Rode NTG2 (2)



Recording Devices & Accessories
Headphones (40)
Countryman Direct In boxes (15)
Cue boxes (27)
Signal Splitter – Galaxy Audio (2)
SPL Meters (15)
XLR Cables
Zeppelin/Deadcat/Pistol Grip
Zoom H4n Recorder* SA (5), DF (2), AVE/GAD/GDM (3)

Boomboxes (2)
Keyboard Stands (6)
MIDI Keyboards (5)
500GB Hard Drives* (12) (SA/IA/AVE/GAD/GDM only)

Art Accessories
Intuos3 Wacom Tablets* (24)
Light Box (43)



Camera & Accessories
DVX-100 MiniDV Cams (2)
GoPro Motorsport Camera (1) (AVE, MGD & DF Only)
Tripod Wheels
Bogen Head (3)
USB Cardreader (8)
Digital Timer Remote (Intervalometer) (5)

Arri Light Kits (3) (Available with reservation in MSV 2 or LMW 2)

Grip Equipment
White cards
Crash Pad**

Available to students currently enrolled in LMW.
Panasonic HPX 170 Camera**(4)
Canon T3i**(2)
GoPro HD Hero 2**(2)
Shure Mx150B Wired Lavalier (4)
Canon Powershot SX40 Point & Shoot (5)
Zoom H4N Recorder (10)
P2 Cards for HPX 170 (limit 2)
P2 Card Reader
No reservation (Walk-up), 24 hrs Max
** Requires reservation & must be scheduled in LMW calendar.
* Reservation length up to 24 hours with option to renew in person or by phone for an additional 24 hours.** Requires reservation.

Tier Two

Items can be checked out without a reservation unless otherwise noted after BRP 2 (SA/IA), Compositing 1 (AVE), Color & Type 1 (GDM), Intro to Animation (GAD), or Still Photography (DF).

6" Steel Ball

Audio Equipment

Visual Equipment

Digital Film Equipment

Available to SA and IA students in or past BRP 1
Appropriate room booking required.
Audio Technica AT4041 (4)
Audio Technica AT4051 (2)
Shure KSM32 (5)
Shure KSM44 (4)
Voxguard Vocal Gobo (2)
Goldline PN3B Pink Noise Generator
Radial Cherry Picker Preamp Selector**
Radial Gold Digger 4-Channel Mic Selector**
BRP Rig (1)
** Requires reservation



Interactive Audio Equipment
For use by students in Interactive Audio only
Makey Makey (6)
Arduino Kit (6)
GoPro (6)
iPad (6)
Wii Nunchucks (9)
Panasonic Projectors (3)

Canon EOS Rebel XS Camera
Canon Rebel Digital Camera* (26)
Canon Rebel T1i (MGD & DF only, reservation req'd) (2)
Intuos4 (21) & IntuosPro (3) Wacom Tablet (AVE/GAD/GDM Only)
Sony HD Mini DV Deck (2)
VHS & DVD Decks
Marshall LCD Monitor 7” (MGD & DF Only, reservation req'd)
DF Only, Requires Reservation & Faculty Signature. Limit 3 lenses per reservation.
Canon EF Zoom Lens – 16-35mm
Canon EF Zoom Lens – 24-70mm
Canon EF Zoom Lens – 70-300mm
Carl Zeiss Distagon Lens – 35mm
Carl Zeiss Distagon Lens – 21mm
Carl Zeiss Distagon Lens – 28mm
Carl Zeiss Distagon Lens – 85mm
* Reservation length up to 24 hours with option to renew in person or by phone for an additional 24 hours.

Tier Three

Reservation is required and student must be in IRP 1 (SA/IA), Compositing 1 (AVE), Ad Concepts 2 (GDM), Intro to Animation (GAD), or Camera, Grip & Lighting (DF).

Visual Equipment

Panasonic HVX 200 Video Camera (4) (AVE,MGD & DF only, requires special approval)
Canon 60D DSLR Camera w/ 24-105mm f4 lens (2) (MGD, AVE and DF only)
Canon 60D DLSR Camera w/ Tascam DR-100 Portable Audio Recorder (1) (MGD, AVE and DF only)
Canon EOS 5D Mark III (DF only)
Canon Rebel XS Camera (AVE & DF only)
Canon C300 Camera (1) (DF only, in or past Camera, Grip & Lighting, Requires special approval)
Sony HDR-CX240 Handheld HD Video Camera (3) (SA only)



Lighting & Grip
Kino Flo Lights (3)
Skateboard Wheels for Doorway Dolly (1 set) (MGD & DF only)
Matrox Triple Head (2) (Instructor only)

Kits & Carts
Green Screen Cart (MGD & DF only)

DF Audio Accessories
Schoeps MK41 Shotgun Mic (DF only)
SD 788T 8-Track Portable Recorder (DF only)
Sennheiser EW100 Wireless Lav (DF only)
SD 552 Portable Production Mixer (DF only)

Camera Accessories & Lenses
Arri C300 Accessory Kit (2) (DF only)
Rebel Macro Lens AF55-200mm (MGD, AVE, DF only)
Rebel Fisheye Lens (MGD, AVE, DF only)
Rebel Macro Lens 60mm (MGD, AVE, DF only)
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Prime Lens (DF only)
Lensbaby Composer Lens and Optic Kit (requires special approval)
Camera Car Mount (MGD & DF only)
Glidecam (AVE, DF only)
Redrock Stabilizers (2) (MGD, AVE, DF only)
Manfrotto 509HD w/545B Tripod (for checkout with Canon C300)
TVLogic Multiformat LCD Monitor 17” (DF only)
Comely Crane Arm (MGD, AVE, DF only)
Comely Weights (2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb)
Kupo 600m High Roller (MGD, AVE, DF only)
Kupo Silk & Frame (MGD, AVE, DF only)
Pan Tilt Head (MGD, AVE, DF only)
GlideCam Vest (MGD, AVE, DF only)
3D Film Factory Mini Beam-Splitter (DF/AVE instructor only)
Glide Gear DEV 470 Camera Track Slider (DF only)



Video, Film & Animation Tools
Canopus ADVC 100
OHM 64 Video Mixer (Instructor only)
Dragon Stop Motion Keyboard (MGD only)
Projectors (MGD, AVE, DF only)
USB MIDI Mixer/Controller (MGD only, in or past Beyond the Screen)

Audio Equipment (SA only)

Mic Preamps
Limit 3 pres per reservation.
API Lunchbox (6 ch.)
Avalon VT737 Channel Strip (1 ch.)
Chandler TG2 Preamp (2 ch.)
DaKing 52270 Mic Pre/Equalizer (2 ch.)
DaKing 91579 Compressor/Limiter (2 ch.)
Drawmer 1960 Preamp (2 ch.)
Focusrite ISA Pre (1 ch.)
Focusrite Red 6 (1 ch. Pre + EQ)
Focusrite Red 8 (2 ch.)
Mercury Grand (2 ch.)
Mercury M76m Studio Tube Mic Amplifier (Requires special approval)
Neve Portico 5012 (2 ch.)
Studer D19 (2 ch)
Tube Tech Channel Strip (1 ch.)
Tube Tech Cl1B



BBE Direct In boxes
Cloud Cloudlifter Pre-Preamp
Fender Frontman Amp
Line 6 Pod 2.0
Little Labs Signal Splitter
MIDI Man Radium Keyboard
Radial Phazer
Radial Pro D2 DI
Radial Reamp Box
Phoenix Nice DI (Instructor only)
Shure UR4D + Wireless Receiver (Instructor only)
MGD Sound Kit with ME-66 Shotgun (MGD only)
9k Steinway Piano Key (Requires special approval)

Time-Based Effects
Limit 3 processors per reservation.
Eventide H3000 Harmonizer
TC Electronics D2 Delay
TC Electronics TC2290 delay/EFX

Dynamics Processors & EQs
Limit 3 dynamics processors per reservation.
Aphex Aural Exciter
Aphex Gate
Buzz Audio Soc 1.1 Compressor
Chandler Germanium EQ
Chandler TG1 Compressor/Limiter
Thermionic Culture Vulture (Requires Special Approval)
Daking Compressor
DBX 160A Mono Compressor
DBX 166sl Dual Compressor
Empirical Labs Distressors
Empirical Labs FATSO
Mercury EQ-H1
Transient Designer
Phoenix Labs Nicerizer 16 ch. Summing Amp.
Universal Audio LA-2A
Universal Audio 1176
GML 8200 EQ (Requires special approval)



All instruments require special approval from PD or Associate PD
Pearl Forum Series 5-Piece Student Drum Kit
Godan Kingpin Hollow Body Guitar
Casa Montalvo Acoustic Flamenco Guitar
Martin Acoustic Guitar
Gibson Les Paul
Epiphone Sheraton
Epiphone Dot
Fender Telecaster
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Jazz Bass
Korg M3-61
Nord Electro 2
Motif ES8
Fender Rhodes Mark II Piano
Ampeg Bass Amp
Mesa Boogie Guitar Amp
Fender Twin Amp
Vox Guitar Amp
Marshall Guitar Amp

*Limit 3 preamps/channel strips and 3 processors per session

Mic List

All mics below are SA only unless marked with * or otherwise noted
Dynamic Mics
AKG D112 (5)
AKG D12E (1) (Instructor only)
Beyerdynamic M88 (1)
Beyerdynamic 422 (1)
Electro Voice RE20 (4)
Sennheiser E602 (2)
Sennheiser E604 (6)
Sennheiser E609 (4)
Sennheiser MD421 (10)
Shure Beta 52 (2)
Shure Beta 58 (2)
Shure SM 57 (20)*
Shure SM 58 (15)*
Shure SM 7B (4)
Yamaha Subkick (2)



Lavelier Mics
Audio Technica U100 (6)*
ECM77B  (2)
Countryman ISOMAX E3 Lavalier  (2)
Shure MX150 Wireless Omni Lavalier (4) (LMW only)
Sennheiser EW 100 (1)*
Sony EMC-77B Wired Lav

Boundary Mics
Crown PZM 30D (2)
Sennheiser e901

Fet Mics
Groove Tube AM 11 (2)
Groove Tube AM 51 (2)

Tube Mics
AKG C12VR (1)
Audio Technica 4060 (2)
Lauten Oceanus LT381 (1)
Lauten Torch ST221 Pair (1)
Mojave Audio MA-200 (2)
Neumann M147 (1)
Neumann M149 (1)
Neumann M149 (1) (Instructor only)
Rode Classic II (2)
Soundelux U99S (1)

Ribbon Mics
Cascade Fat Head II (4)
Cascade St. Ribbon X15-L (1)
Cascade Vin-Jet (1)
Cloud JRS-34-TV Active, 48V+ Ribbon Mic (2) (Instructor only)
Crowley & Tripp Naked Eye (2)
Oktava ML-52 (1)
Royer RS121 (4)

Condenser Mics
AKG C1000 (3)*
AKG C3000 (4)*
AKG C414 (4)
AKG C414 XL II (2)
AKG C414 Pair (1)
AKG C451E (3)
AKG C451 B Pair (1)
AKG SE300 (2)
Audio Technica 3528 (4)
Audio Technica 4033 (2)
Audio Technica 4041 (4)
Audio Technica 4050 (2)
Audio Technica 4051 (2)
Audio Technica AT825 Stereo Mic (2)
Audio Technica Pro37R (2)
Avenson STO-2 Pair (1)
Blue Mic Baby Bottle (2)
Earthworks SR 30 Pair (1)
Marshall MXL2001 (1)
Neumann KM183 (3)
Neumann KM184 (5)
Neumann TLM 49 (1)
Neumann TLM 103 (3)
Neumann TLM 103 (1) (Instructor only)
Neumann U87 (4)
Neumann U87 Stereo Pair (1) (Instructor only)
Rode NT4 Stereo Mic (1)
SE Electronics se2200 (2)
Shure Beta98/S (2)
Shure KSM32 (5)*
Shure KSM44 (4)*
Shure SM27 (2)
Shure SM81 (3)
Shure SM87A (1)
Shure SM94 (4)



Shotgun Mics
Rode NTG2 (2)*
Rode NTG3 (4)*
Sennheiser MKH416 (4)
Sennheiser MKH70 (2)*
Sennheiser ME66 (3)*
Sennheiser MKH418 Stereo (2)

Installed Studio Gear

Links include manuals for installed gear and some useful software guides. These may not be the most up-to-date versions. Please consult manufacturer websites for more info.

SSL 6000
SSL 6000 User Guide
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon MPX1



BRP Suites
Yamaha MC124c Console Manual
TC Electronics M350 Reverb
Samson S-Gate 4

Digidesign ICON D-Control
Digidesign ICON D-Control Addendum

Digidesign ICON D-Command
TC Electronics D-Two

Martin Case Manual
Yamaha M7CL Part 1
Yamaha M7CL Part 2
Yamaha M7CL Part 3
Soundcraft SM20

Yamaha DM2000E



Protools Control 24

SSL 9000
Lexicon 960 Reverb
Lexicon PCM91 Reverb
Eventide Eclipse Harmonizer
V5 Little Green Book
SL 9000J Overview
SL 9000J Front Panel
J Series Quickview
TC Electronics D-Two Delay
TC Electronics M-One Reverb
TC Electronics M2000 Multi-FX
SSL 9k Automation Part 1
SSL 9k Automation Part 2
SSL 9k Automation Part 3
SSL 9k Automation Part 4
SSL 9kJ Console Manual Part 1
SSL 9kJ Console Manual Part 2
SSL 9kJ Console Manual Part 3

VRL Neve
Flying Faders Chapter 1
Flying Faders Chapter 2
Flying Faders Chapter 3
Flying Faders Chapter 4
Flying Faders Chapter 5
Flying Faders Chapter 6
Flying Faders Chapter 7
Flying Faders Chapter 8
Flying Faders Chapter 9
Flying Faders Chapter 10
Flying Faders Chapter 11
Flying Faders Chapter 12



Studio 2
API 525 Compressor
Chandler Germanium Tone Control EQ
Chandler TG1 Limiter
Chandler TG2 Mic Preamp
Manley Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ
Waves MaxxBCL Manual
Manley Stereo Variable MU Limiter Compressor
Manley Pultec EQP1-A EQ