Welcome to the SAE Expression College Equipment Room Page!

Please visit the Studio Booking Procedure page for more information on how to book space. If you are reserving equipment for use during a session, you must include the name of the person the space is booked to on the Equipment Reservation Form.


  • Monday – Friday 8AM-12AM
  • Saturday 9AM-1AM
  • Sunday 9AM-12AM
  • In the event of closure, an email will be sent out regarding updated hours. The Equipment Room will be closed on most major holidays (Labor Day, Christmas, New Years).
  • Please take the ER operating hours into consideration when booking studio time.
  • Equipment cannot be locked in a studio or held for more than an hour before or after your session. For example, if your session starts at 2am on a weekday, you may reserve gear for pickup at 1am. If your session starts at 4am, you will not have access to equipment. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to ask us!
  • Please remember reservation forms are due 24 hours in advance or by noon on Friday for anything over the weekend (Saturday through Monday at noon).



Please contact the Equipment Room if you have any questions at 510-594-6960 or email equipmentroom@expression.edu.


Equipment Room Reservation Form

PDFs are best viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader.



If there is a problem with equipment or a repair needs to be made, submit a HelpDesk ticket for the AV/Tech Shop.  The HelpDesk website is http://helpdesk.expression.edu.  You may also email support@expression.edu.


Rules and Regulations of the Equipment Room

When you sign the Equipment Checkout Form, you are agreeing to the following:


1. Staff, faculty, students and alumnus are not to enter the equipment room at any time without the permission of an equipment room staff member.
2. Everyone must have a student ID or alumni card present at time of the checkout and must have completed and signed the Equipment Room Rules and Regulations sheet to access gear.
3. Classes and labs are given First priority for equipment and services. Remaining resources are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
4. Please keep the Equipment Room updated with your current address and phone number.
5. Please treat Equipment Room staff with courtesy.
6. If equipment privileges are abused, they can be lost! This is at the discretion of the Equipment Room Manager. Borrowing gear is a privilege; not a right!

General Rules:
1. You are financially responsible for gear checked out in your name. If loss or damage occurs with the gear you checkout, you may lose your Equipment Room privileges and your student account may be put on hold until all fines are cleared. If you are late returning gear, you may be eligible for loss of privileges as well.
2. Equipment checked out under your name should never be left unattended and gear must stay in your possession.  You cannot lend gear checked out under your name.
3. We expect you to have a working knowledge of the operation and care of the equipment you check out. You must be approved by a course director to use certain equipment. You must also have completed specific courses to use certain equipment. Gear requiring faculty approval or course level requirements is noted as such on the List of Available Equipment on the student website.
4. Moving equipment from any room is prohibited, unless cleared through Equipment Room Staff.
5. User-related technical issues should be directed first to your on duty instructor. If they cannot solve your issue submit a ticket to the Online Service Center at http://helpdesk.expression.edu.
6. A/V Tech Department responds to requests for technical service and assistance through the Online Service Center ONLY! The Equipment Room will not check in broken equipment until you have filled out a service ticket and have a confirmation number.
7. Carts need to be returned with items packed in an orderly fashion, cables neatly wrapped, and mic clips with proper mics. Equipment Room staff may ask you to rewrap cables or clean up your cart if it is not orderly.
8. Do not stack heavy items on top of delicate items. Example: Do not stack outboard gear on top of mics and headphones.
9. You are responsible for checking the condition of the gear you have checked out in your name. If you do not report an item as lost/broken and you were the last one using it, the Equipment Room will assume you lost/broke it. Therefore it is mandatory you inventory items and test all gear you check out and report problems before you leave the Equipment Room.
10. Do not unplug or tamper with any permanently installed equipment or cables. If there is a problem, enter a service ticket and notify the Equipment Room immediately.

Personal Reservations and Booked Studio Time:
1. Please reference the List of Available Equipment before requesting gear to check your level of equipment access and any special approval needed for certain types of gear.
2. All reservations must be made 24 hours in advance and by noon on Friday for weekend reservations (Saturday noon to Monday noon), no exceptions.
3. You must have studio or production space time booked and confirmed on the schedule to check out certain types of equipment.  When booking studio time that requires equipment, please take the Equipment Room hours of operation into consideration.
4. On-campus equipment can only be booked during the length of your booking. Off-Campus gear which requires a reservation can be checked out for a maximum of 24 hours or Friday through Monday at 12pm for weekend reservations. Wacom Tablets, Zooms and Rebels can be checked out without a reservation for 24 hours and renewed for an additional 24 hours by contacting the Equipment Room before your equipment is due back. Wacom Tablets can also be checked out for up to a week with a reservation submitted 24 hours in advance.
5. A reservation does not guarantee requested items. It is the individual’s responsibility to check with the Equipment Room to see if your request was approved.
6. The person who made the reservation is the only person that can pick up the reserved items and must be the person to return items, no exceptions.
7. Student reservations must be made in person, not over the phone or via e-mail. 7. Staff and Alumni may reserve gear via email by submitting an Equipment Reservation Form PDF to one of the Equipment Room managers. 8. Alumni may not take gear off campus.

Loss of Privileges:
1. If a student has 3 occurrences of the following (“strikes”), they may lose their equipment room privileges for a minimum of two weeks: X Not showing up X Reserving, collecting or returning gear late X Other behavior disrespectful towards ER staff or equipment
2. If a person is more than 1 hour late to collect their gear, they lose their reservation.  If you think you might be late, you can avoid a strike by calling and emailing the ER to let us know when you expect to be here.
3. If you have unpaid fines or gear that is late, you cannot book studio time or check out equipment until the cost of the repair or replacement has been paid in full or the items are returned. Unpaid fines could also result in a hold on your student records/account.
4. If a person is habitually irresponsible with gear, they may be placed on indefinite studio and equipment suspension.

Class and Lab Rules:
1. Faculty are responsible for gear checked out in their name.
2. ALL equipment, cables, and accessories must be checked out, picked up, and returned by the designated class or lab instructor. During the class or lab, students may collect additional equipment at the request of their instructor, but the instructor should be present for initial pickup & return.
3. The instructor and the equipment room employee must verify condition and working order of checked out items prior to the gear leaving the room. If an item is broken please fill out a service ticket and report it to the Equipment Room immediately.
4. Carts need to be returned after labs with items packed in an orderly fashion, cables neatly wrapped, and mic clips with proper mics.
5. Do not share gear between labs or studios. Items must be brought back to the equipment room, checked in, and then checked back out for each lab. If a transfer of gear occurs from one lab to another, an instructor must sign off on the receipt of the previous instructor and they assume responsibility at that time.
6. All gear must be returned to the Equipment Room immediately following labs.


Headphones & Hard Drives

Hard drives come with 1 year warranty information in the box.  Please read this warranty info and keep it in a safe place in case you need to send your drive in for warranty repair or exchange.  For troubleshooting, please contact Qmemory technical support at support@qumemory.com or 847-714-1177.


Formatting Your Hard Drives

Please follow these steps to format your drives to ExFAT so they can be used on both Mac and PC. If you do not format your drive following the instructions below, they may not work on both platforms and may have to be reformatted.
1. Connect drive to Mac via USB cable
2. Open Disk Utility (Applications –> Utilities)
3. Select drive on left sidebar
4. Click the Erase tab
5. In Format pulldown menu, select ExFAT
6. In Name field, enter name for hard drive (optional)
7. Click Erase
1. Connect drive to PC via USB cable
2. Click Start/Windows button, then Computer
3. Right-click on new hard drive
4. Select Format
5. In File system pulldown menu, select ExFAT
6. In Volume label field, enter name for hard drive (optional)
7. Place a checkmark Quick Format box
8. Click Start


Ultrasone Headphones

If your headphones break, they are under warranty for 4 years from the time you received them. If your headphones are broken, please talk to the Equipment Room Manager and he will advise to the steps necessary to return them for repairs. The contact number for Ultrasone warranties in California is 951-677-4600.  Let them know that you have a pair of headphones from Ex’pression College & let them know when you received them. They’ll give you an RMA # and likely have you send them to this address: Ultrasone Inc Repair Dept. 40960 Cal Oaks Rd #223 Murrieta, CA  92562