Project Proposal

Project Proposal

The title of our documentary is still not concrete but for the time being we call it Thorngate. The reason we chose Thorngate is because for the Characters in the comic to get from one world to the next, need to go through these portals, which look ancient and crumbling. So Thorngate was the name given to these portals.

Our team doesn’t have an official name although I would call us a triple threat. With a motion graphics student and two sound arts students in our group, we definitely have one of the most important pieces covered, which is the documentaries audio.

Our documentary will be about three friends collaborating to make a comic book together.

Intended Audience:

The age range can definitely vary for our documentary while our intended audience would stay in the boundaries of comic book enthusiasts. Our piece being informational, yet artistic at the same time will keep our audience interested.

The music will be atmospheric, with percussive elements and airy, open spaces


The documentary will be about three friends named Eli, who is a member in our group, Dustin, and Anonymous, an artist who would prefer to be unknown for this project. Us, as an audience will be following the steps this group of talented people take as they put together a comic book from scratch. We’ll follow the creative process from coming up with a story, and characters to how they actually come up with the character design and sceneries so vivid that they actually make us feel like were in the story ourselves. The artists will take us in depth as to what actually goes into making a comic book. Taking a few different approaches to try and tackle this documentary using interviews as our main source of material. The interviews we will be using are of our three artists, as well as even using overdub from interviews done of crewmembers. Taking videos and stills of as much of the artists work as they give us permission t is also on our list of assignments. What we’ll do with this material is use it as supporting footage for when an artist is explaining something about the comic, or for cutaways and voiceovers to give the documentary a smooth feel to it. The audience will be seeing a lot of “rough cut” pictures as information that is connected to the comic book one way or another. They will get to see pictures of unfinished characters and locations the comic will take place in. Artwork will vary from colored pictures and drawings to just plain black and white. Giving the audience a bit of history between the three artists together will give an explanation as to why they chose to make a comic together, and give supporting evidence as to why they act, and treat each other the way they do. The documentary will also name a lot of shots of the artist actually working on the comic together, or alone depending on what is being explained at the moment, or what idea were trying to portray. The audience will get to see comic grow in a step-by-step fashion as the artists work tirelessly to finish as much of the comic for the documentary as possible. Most of the interviews we shot will be used as our main source of information whether it’s audio and video or just the audio over stills. Using the audio and video coupled together will give the audience a face to voice connection with each artist, or at least the ones who want to be made known.


The style that we will be going for in our documentary is more of an observational take as we let the artists get comfortable as though the camera wasn’t around. Since Eli is a member in our group as well as an actor in our documentary, he will be taking part and be seen in most of the documentary. We want the main focus and style to be related and give off an artistic and friendly feel to reinforce the fact these three artists are friends, and are comfortable around each other enough to critique each others work in front of camera.

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