some of the backgrounds used in the above post came from a few artists on deviant art. here are the links to their work that i used

where we are drawing form

the game world we are making is our own, but as any art it is drawn from other things. as far as the places in the game work, there are 4 worlds, one world that the players live in and 3 worlds that they travel to so they can fight monsters and do dungeons and things.

ancient_ziggurat Image (1) Image

all of is who are working play a game called magic, and i drew heavily from that game for inspiration on the way the worlds should look, above are some cards from the game “magic the gathering” that inspired some of the world design 25_esper luminous_haunt_of_esper_by_cardmaster2013-d5v1rz4 Jund

i wont tell you which is which because that would ruin the fun, but all these cards make up all 4 worlds in one way or another

Obelisk_of_Esper_by_francis001 savage_lands stf28_seasideCitadelSplash ftl34_esperCross 72162





As i have been working with my team, i have been talking note of how much time we spend on each activity on average. Its a rough estimate based on how the amount of time we spend varies. The black circle represents 100% of the time we spend together every week as a group, every circle inside represents the amount of time we spend toward that activity.




Voice Practice

in class we are working on recording, so i made a script to explain my project. the script is as follows:

“I’m going to tell you a story, a story about three friends making a story, because I want you to make a story of your own one-day. This project will give you a first had look at what it takes to make a comic book, we will follow me and by two friends as we take on a collaborative story. Well also talk to a few artists in the field, the field of indie comic artists. That’s a comic artist who isn’t well known outside of their community.

The comic we are making is about a virtual reality game, in the game world all the players work and build in a city on an island called “Rendharrow”, in the center of the city there are 3 “thorn gates” that lead to other worlds where monsters and creatures exist. The game is fun until it is taken over by a terrorist,  who traps all the players in the game and starts killing them. This disaster goes on for a year, till the terrorist is defeated. The comic follows a new player who enters the game and eventually saves it. There are a lot of twists and turns along the way.

I’m hoping that showing you how frustrating it is to work with people, compared to how rewarding it is will inspire you. and one day you might make a story that inspires me, because that is what I think stories are for, to connect people.”

sounds a little too straight forward, but I’m gonna try to record me saying this. i don’t feel that it will end well but we will see. ill post what i get here so stay tuned.

paper pass

This one represents the process of collaboration. it either shows the process of working with other who aren’t on the same page, or it shows work from day to day where you aren’t on the same page with yourself. Dancing the never ending dance of creativity.

First Atempt at Slideshow


The three artists working on the story are me (Eli Beaird), Dustin chance, and shay Haynes. The story is about a virtual reality game that is hijacked by a terrorist. The protagonist are trapped within the game for about a year before they defeat the game and releases all the trapped players. The game is worldwide. in the game there is an island where all the players rest, in the center of the island there are three gates that lead to other worlds: one that is a jungle filled with large beasts, one that is a hot volcano with a lot of violent carnivorous monsters, and the last is a floating castle that has monsters infused with technology. All of the gate worlds have a boss within the game that can be attacked and defeated. The terrorist messes up the game and the players realize that if they beat the boss in that world they can reset the game and fix what the terrorist did to that world.

As for how the script is divided, all the artists divide the overall story into 5 chapters and give each artist a chapter to have free range with, then put all the chapters together to create a workable script. As far as the progression of events goes, we want the chapters to go like this…

Chapter 1= intro

Chapter 2= first world boss (Dustin)

Chapter 3= second world boss (Eli)

Chapter 4= third world boss (nameless)

Chapter 5= final boss fight (all of us)