Rough cut critique

A bit of a late post about the feedback we received on our rough cut. Prior to coming in to class, our group knew where our rough cut needed work but the ideas we received from our peers really helped as well. For starters , Smoother cuts is something our group noticed right off the bat and that our audio needs some touching up in certain areas. We also noticed that our A-roll would go on to long at times, and even our b-roll would do the same occasionally. More B-roll is definitely on our to do list as our peers made it clear that our documentary lacked that aspect. Fixing some of the missing audio and video was one of the first problems we solved. All together, our classmates said that our documentary needs more continuity, be smoother. Make the documentary more about the comic book, using more b-roll of the artists working on the comic. Great ideas really, and we plan on executing as many as possible. thanks again guys!


starting pages.

these are a few pages that i did to give my team an idea of where i was going with the art direction. ultimately i will add more detail but i feel that it gives a good idea


first world boss

dustin is in charge of the first world boss. he wanted a wurm that breathed a poison. i didn’t get too far into i, and at first i was a little iffy on it. i thought a beast would be a more visual boss. but after talking to nameless a little about his boss and how he incorporated the area into the boss fight, i looked into other games and found this

world bosses

all of the artists are in charge of one of the three battle worlds of the game. my chapter is the third, the artifact world. i based it heavily on the ester realm from “magic”, and due to my love of sphinxes led to this rough sketch of my world boss.1980814_695350857153735_2098488542_n

in the world I’m working in, there is an island in a far distant future. where there was once a king that created a pet to rule after his death, that created was a robot and tried with all its might to imitate what he knew to be human. unable to understand the contradiction that existed within the human condition, he seeks out all humans and asks them riddles in hopes to understand their life. but if they can’t answer the riddle it kills them and examines the body in hopes to understand their death.


seeing how i didn’t really present well today i decided to post up all the things i have be neglecting to post lately.

img123 img124 img125 img126 img127these are all the characters that have been recalled by me or dustin. nameless hasent expressed any real problems with my take on his players but i still try to re work them sometimes



steps of making a comic

I found a little article online the vaguely went through the steps it takes to create a comic book. Not sure if its worth referencing, but the steps the described mirrored mine almost exactly.

The article breaks it down not 10 steps which is good; idea/ concept, writer/ story, penciler, inker, colorist, letterer, editorial, printing/ publishing, marketing, and distributing.

For this project we will stop after the printing, and because of our style we will skip the coloring part(or shorten it). that leaves 7 steps, currently we are on step 2. As we are short on time i predict that we will be done with the penciling and starting on the inking portion in 2 months when the final for this class is.

I am glad that i found this article when i did, with a deadline i have been feeling uneasy and eager to draw things and that usually makes me do things out of order and set back the project. i guess this i stye power of research.

Player Update

All the players have to go through multiple edits in order to find a style that communicates them all. Here is an example of the changes they have to go through, this one was originally made by the nameless artist.



it progresses from left to right.

Whats the Point?!


Well midterms are here; in fact I believe they will start in 3 hours. I was looking over my site and realized that I never really went into why I feel that this project is important, or relevant. Well to put it simply, its a story.

 Today a lot of people take lives for granted and invest them into school or work etc., but as an artist I take life as storybook. It could be due to the fact that I make stories but it gives me an interesting perspective on the life of my characters. I give them a part of my soul and they take on a life of their own, they have their ups and downs but I always have a plan for them. I see my life in the same way, so when things get bad I can always have faith that there is a reason for everything.

This project is just talking a little part of my and a few other people’s life and giving a look on how we create life within our art inside our little world.

 Its relatable because as humans and artists we feel the need to create and be remembered, so regardless of the field a person is in they will need to know how to put their soul into something and create a story.



That is my core concept: what it takes to create and how far will you go to put life into your creation.


scripting update

As of 2/11/14 we have gone through 4 group meetings where the script was the primary topic. We have a rough draft that is missing the real world information, post #1 boss fight, boss fight #3, and the whole fifth chapter.

The delays make it hard to move forward but the more the team works the deeper they go into the story, improving its quality. As soon as the script is done they will be ready to dive right into the drawing. As the group is working on the script they are also taking time to work on the artistic aspects of the game, like monster designs, world maps, and player designs.