interview questions

we have 2 out of our three interviews done, here are mandatory questions that we ask. after this round of editing we might go back with a second set of more specific questions.

1) who are you?

2) who are the people your working with, what are they like?

3) what is your job in this comic book?

4) how do you do that job?

5) what part of the comics are you most excited about?

6) what is the worst part about working with either of your partners?

7) whats the best part about working with either of your partners?

8) why do you put up with/ love either of your partners?

more about the sphinx

nameless sent me this link to help me get deeper into sphinx mythology because my monster is such a well known creature, and i was suprised to know about its history in  Grease. I thought they originated in Egypt.



THE SPHINX (or Phix) was a female monster with the body of a lion, the breast and head of a woman, eagle’s wings and, according to some, a serpent-headed tail.

She was sent by the gods to plague the town of Thebes as punishment for some ancient crime. There she preyed on the youths of the land, devouring all those who failed to solve her riddle. Kreon, the then regent of Thebes, offered the kingship to any man who could destroy her. Oidipous accepted the challenge, and when he solved the Sphinx’s riddle, she cast herself off a mountainside in despair and in accordance with an oracle declaring the terms of her demise.

Sphinxes were popular in ancient art, especially as sculptural grave stele set upon the tombs of men who died in youth. Decorative sphinxes also appear in animal processions on archaic Greek vases, often alongside lions and bird-bodies sirens.M18.3BSphinx


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well here is my first experiment with sound.

Art with Words


This is my first attempt at using words in Photoshop. To be honest I feel that it needs work, due to the fact that I have no clue what’s going on. I had the idea of showing a worrier made up of supporting words from the group that is collaborating, fighting a monster made up of the doubt and negativity that comes along with taking on a project. After I was done I didn’t really feel that the message got across, but on the bright side I did learn a lot about Photoshop and now I can tackle it again.