so i guess I’m doing a movie.

didn’t see that coming, but I’m excited. after i had told the group that we weren’t presenting they all relaxed. the thing I’m worked abut most is that we now need to get back ion gear.

the next few days i will be reposting on this site, fun news is that apparently i didn’t know what a beard was.

beardtypes imagesthese where the links sent to me to demonstrate what a beard was…. i can explain my confusion but i don’t think it matters.


Project People

the talented comic illustrators who have volunteered to be interviewed, or at least allowed themselves to be persuaded

Artist #3 Nameless

the third artist in this collaboration has chosen to not be named. nameless artist is known for being the mascot of the group but could arguably be the most intelligent and studious of the group. He spends most of his time practicing or as he calls “training in the mountains” which means he is drawing in his room, but because of his timid nature he has chosen to no be seen in this project. So I will just show his house instead. nameless has made great strides in setting the bar for quality in this collaboration, by working out the game mechanics, creating back story and style. His first contribution to the project was this Facebook message from January 15th (you don’t need to read it):


“to walk the streets of Manin Krim with her sisters creations together they would erect statues in the images of the two Goddesses and learn to be loyal to one another forging a bond greater than Vanera or Nyulin could have ever fathomed. This would not be the last additon to the city of Manin Krim however,Ro’Thane God or Conflict,Struggle&Armament would see what fun the sisters were having, how jovial they were in these acts of creation that he to decided to partake.Ro’Thane would be father of the races of Orc,Lycan(Wolfmen)&Urseir(Bearmen) and as his children they would go forth to prove themselves to there father surprisingly they would take to the teachings of respect Man&Satyr were willing to deliver unto them as well as lessons in Loyalty&Hunting the Jatar and Centaur were bestowing upon them. The most surprising development of all however were the teaching or conflict and armament Ro’Thane sons would bring to Vanera and Nyulin. The mortal races of the plane Rendharrow would exist and live Happily for a time before the 4th God Celvric would sully his hands with what he believed to be a trite little game of children, that was until he saw that the moral races could learn from each other. Celvric was God of knowledge, Technology and above all else Control,the idea of introducing his own races to the mix and using there teaching to control them making the entirety of these mortal people HIS new playthings seemed to good to pass up and so Celvric would go forth and create the races of Elf and Dwarf and introduce them to the melting pot that Manin Krim had now become. However Celvric over looked one very important aspect of the mortal races, they ALL learn from each other ALL of them. His plan would have only worked if it were impossible for the Elves and Dwarves to be influenced by The respect of Man & Satyr the Loyalty Of Jatar and Centaur the Inherent Conflict within Orc,Lycan&Ursier. This little over sight allowed the races to also be influenced by aspects of technology and Higher Learning. The alliance of the mortal races was happy,content but unchallenged it would not stay that way for long. Ul’Tharne oldest of the pantheon of Gods and no stranger to the creation and maintenance of sentient life would sit wait and contemplate on what his brothers and sisters had done and had decided a people so close to perfection should not, could not continue along this path indefinitely without threat or challenge to drive them. Ul’Tharne understood that without the a distraction or goal to preoccupy the mortals of Minin Krim they would eventually would turn on each other destroying the bastion the 4 titans had built for them and forever destroying the future that could exist for them. Ul’tharne out of respect for his younger siblings would approach them before acting on his own, with his thoughts and concerns for the future of the mortal races of Manin Krim. Celvric proposed possible treachery on Ul’Tharnes part, wondering what proof he may have to support this line of logic. Nyulin and Ro’Thane were more willing to accept Ul’Tharnes wisdom and side with him the last word lied with Venera and her answer would astound them in its simplicity.”

As you can see nameless is a very passionate, and interesting thinker, and could be considered our heavy hitter. nameless has a large collection of games and books, and there would be a picture of it if he would allow me to take a picture in his room, but he won’t so here is a picture of a swirly screen-tone.



Artist #2 Dustin Chance


Dustin Chance is the second artist involved in this collaboration. He is usually the first person Eli goes to when he has a new idea, because he is Eli’s self-proclaimed writer. His first contribution to the project was over Facebook, was a weapon design where he wrote:

“This is the morph sword these two handles and two blocks that create energy blades can be combined or taken apart to create any variation of sword techniques from long sword to great sword to double sided sword to dual weilding. I think its a very iconic weapon for our hero”

Which the other two members suggested against, due to balancing reasons.

Dustin is 23 and has a knack in art, but besides his experience as a character artist at six flags discovery kingdom he uses his art for meditative purposes. Dustin enjoys literature and graphic novels, and is a honest “batman” fan but appreciates a good story regardless of its genre.


Artist #1 Eli Beaird


IMG_2103Eli Beaird (me) is the first artist involved in the collaboration, he came up with the original story that was very vague. January 3rd 2014 he just created a message group on Facebook asking his two friends to work on this with him, he probably just felt like he didn’t hang out with his friends enough, but thought he could create something out of it. The message read:

“There was a natural disaster hospitolized half a billion people over 10 years. Of those people there is a n offer to partisipate in a vertyal reality game. Mmorpg. Prize is a free healing program. But once you enter the game you cannot leave until a winner is declared. People who couldent give concentration where excluded unless their guardian volunteered them. Looking for inspiration from dark hack, sword art online, Sumner wars, ghost in the shell, phantom dust, world of Warcraft etc. Story takes place 100 years from now. No characters yet, protagonist, antagonist, love interest, support, and game play are in the air. Interested? Take your time not expecting completion till 2015”

They all eventually agreed to participate.



Eli is 23 and has a long history of art, have drawn a few thousand pages of comic book, but has only published 2 graphic novels of around 200 pages. Eli enjoys reading manga style graphic novels, but has an appreciation for all other  genres.