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My name Eli Beaird, I am in the motion graphic design program at Expression College, I hope you’ve heard of it. I have been a traditional artist my whole life, and I have always been interested in storytelling. Which is what led me to creating my own series of graphic novels, I am currently on the fourth of my first series. That being said I have met a lot of other artists that share my interest, and I have discovered another artistic world around comics. My project will be about the steps and work that goes into being successful in the indie comic book world. I and two friends of mine have just recently taken on the project of making a new collaborative mini comic. For my project for this class I want to follow our process, our ups and down and give some interviews from some other artist who are trying to do similar work and follow their dream.

I have three artists that I have a lot of access too, Mellissa Mc’common, Nick Madia, and two others who have agreed to let me interview them on their work they are all self-publishing artists who are currently working on their own stories and attending conventions every tear regularly, building a steady fan base. I will do what I can to meet with them in person to record them, but if I am unable I feel that recording their voices and showing their work would be more than enough to show their ability and passion in their craft.

The thing I‘m excited the most about is the collaborative work me and my friends will be doing. It’s a new area for all of us, and it will be a lot of fun discovering our footing in this new ground. With any luck we will be creating a product that none of us could do on our own.

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  1. Good idea, One thing I would watch for is making sure the film is fast pace. If its not I fear the film will become dry. I would also really focus on the struggles. good job though.

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