Rough cut critique

A bit of a late post about the feedback we received on our rough cut. Prior to coming in to class, our group knew where our rough cut needed work but the ideas we received from our peers really helped as well. For starters , Smoother cuts is something our group noticed right off the bat and that our audio needs some touching up in certain areas. We also noticed that our A-roll would go on to long at times, and even our b-roll would do the same occasionally. More B-roll is definitely on our to do list as our peers made it clear that our documentary lacked that aspect. Fixing some of the missing audio and video was one of the first problems we solved. All together, our classmates said that our documentary needs more continuity, be smoother. Make the documentary more about the comic book, using more b-roll of the artists working on the comic. Great ideas really, and we plan on executing as many as possible. thanks again guys!


interview questions

we have 2 out of our three interviews done, here are mandatory questions that we ask. after this round of editing we might go back with a second set of more specific questions.

1) who are you?

2) who are the people your working with, what are they like?

3) what is your job in this comic book?

4) how do you do that job?

5) what part of the comics are you most excited about?

6) what is the worst part about working with either of your partners?

7) whats the best part about working with either of your partners?

8) why do you put up with/ love either of your partners?