where we are drawing form

the game world we are making is our own, but as any art it is drawn from other things. as far as the places in the game work, there are 4 worlds, one world that the players live in and 3 worlds that they travel to so they can fight monsters and do dungeons and things.

ancient_ziggurat Image (1) Image

all of is who are working play a game called magic, and i drew heavily from that game for inspiration on the way the worlds should look, above are some cards from the game “magic the gathering” that inspired some of the world design 25_esper luminous_haunt_of_esper_by_cardmaster2013-d5v1rz4 Jund

i wont tell you which is which because that would ruin the fun, but all these cards make up all 4 worlds in one way or another

Obelisk_of_Esper_by_francis001 savage_lands stf28_seasideCitadelSplash ftl34_esperCross 72162