As i have been working with my team, i have been talking note of how much time we spend on each activity on average. Its a rough estimate based on how the amount of time we spend varies. The black circle represents 100% of the time we spend together every week as a group, every circle inside represents the amount of time we spend toward that activity.





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well here is my first experiment with sound.

Voice Practice

in class we are working on recording, so i made a script to explain my project. the script is as follows:

“I’m going to tell you a story, a story about three friends making a story, because I want you to make a story of your own one-day. This project will give you a first had look at what it takes to make a comic book, we will follow me and by two friends as we take on a collaborative story. Well also talk to a few artists in the field, the field of indie comic artists. That’s a comic artist who isn’t well known outside of their community.

The comic we are making is about a virtual reality game, in the game world all the players work and build in a city on an island called “Rendharrow”, in the center of the city there are 3 “thorn gates” that lead to other worlds where monsters and creatures exist. The game is fun until it is taken over by a terrorist,  who traps all the players in the game and starts killing them. This disaster goes on for a year, till the terrorist is defeated. The comic follows a new player who enters the game and eventually saves it. There are a lot of twists and turns along the way.

I’m hoping that showing you how frustrating it is to work with people, compared to how rewarding it is will inspire you. and one day you might make a story that inspires me, because that is what I think stories are for, to connect people.”

sounds a little too straight forward, but I’m gonna try to record me saying this. i don’t feel that it will end well but we will see. ill post what i get here so stay tuned.

steps of making a comic

I found a little article online the vaguely went through the steps it takes to create a comic book. Not sure if its worth referencing, but the steps the described mirrored mine almost exactly.

The article breaks it down not 10 steps which is good; idea/ concept, writer/ story, penciler, inker, colorist, letterer, editorial, printing/ publishing, marketing, and distributing.

For this project we will stop after the printing, and because of our style we will skip the coloring part(or shorten it). that leaves 7 steps, currently we are on step 2. As we are short on time i predict that we will be done with the penciling and starting on the inking portion in 2 months when the final for this class is.

I am glad that i found this article when i did, with a deadline i have been feeling uneasy and eager to draw things and that usually makes me do things out of order and set back the project. i guess this i stye power of research.

Player Update

All the players have to go through multiple edits in order to find a style that communicates them all. Here is an example of the changes they have to go through, this one was originally made by the nameless artist.



it progresses from left to right.

Whats the Point?!


Well midterms are here; in fact I believe they will start in 3 hours. I was looking over my site and realized that I never really went into why I feel that this project is important, or relevant. Well to put it simply, its a story.

 Today a lot of people take lives for granted and invest them into school or work etc., but as an artist I take life as storybook. It could be due to the fact that I make stories but it gives me an interesting perspective on the life of my characters. I give them a part of my soul and they take on a life of their own, they have their ups and downs but I always have a plan for them. I see my life in the same way, so when things get bad I can always have faith that there is a reason for everything.

This project is just talking a little part of my and a few other people’s life and giving a look on how we create life within our art inside our little world.

 Its relatable because as humans and artists we feel the need to create and be remembered, so regardless of the field a person is in they will need to know how to put their soul into something and create a story.



That is my core concept: what it takes to create and how far will you go to put life into your creation.


paper pass

This one represents the process of collaboration. it either shows the process of working with other who aren’t on the same page, or it shows work from day to day where you aren’t on the same page with yourself. Dancing the never ending dance of creativity.

Project People

the talented comic illustrators who have volunteered to be interviewed, or at least allowed themselves to be persuaded

First Atempt at Slideshow