the above is a collage for my project. it depicts the three worriers venturing through the conic worlds to defeat the evil doubt that awaits us. all images are taken from or of the artists involved in the project: Shay Haynes, Dustin Chance, Nick maida, mellisa Mc’common, Jason Dube, and Eli Beaird.

Project Ideas

For my class I am going to ultimately create a documentary, today we are taking the first step, first step being the general topic. I was able to come up with three ideas: comics. Year up. Or food.

“Comics” would be a documentary following a few artists through the creation of a graphic novel, including the different jobs that go into making the product.

“Year up “the second idea is to follow the “Year up” program, a program in San Francisco that takes urban youth and trains them in the business field to get them the skills they need to be successful in corporate America.

“Food” is my last documentary idea that would look at some of the unique restaurants in the local area, the things they practice, where they came from, what they are doing, and where they are going.

I have information and resources on the first two topics, but not so much on the last. As an indie comic artists, and could easily get a few friends and partners to go through the creative process. Personally of the three, the first is the one I’m most interested in. the “year up” documentary would be fairly easy to work out, because my fiancé currently works at year up after she graduated from the program. The program is great and I got a first hand look at the great work they are doing there giving their students hope. I still feel as though those restaurants would be willing to participate in the documentary, because they would most likely be excited about a little free advertisement. I feel that all of these topics are doable and would be interesting and insightful.

my face


Here is one of the few photos of me, attempting to follow the rule of thirds. I feel that showing that I am a real person is important to understanding and trusting an individual.

Slim Comic Logo

img044 j- Copy

this is the logo for slim comics, i am going to try to get a few other little indie comics to work with me on shedding some light on the creative process, hopefully me and the reader can gain some great insight.

First Post

My name is Eli Beaird and I will be 24 years old this year. I’m currently attending Expression College for digital arts, for motion graphic design. To be honest I am not sure why I am here, I seem to be following what i believe to be my destiny. I have always been an artist since before I can remember, but all my work has always been traditionally done, and i feel that i need more to be successful in the business world.  The desire to inspire others fuels my art, the inspiration created from communicating a story or a painting helps me to move forward and create my own art. The biggest influences of my life are hard to pick out, every one who I come in contact with influence me in some way, even as an artist I keep meeting new people who teach me something valuable, whether it be in art, or life, it all leads back to art.


I create stories, everyone who knows me has a story from or about me, I have a very small business called “Eli’s Art Shop” where I freelance and draw whatever people pay me to create, from storyboards, to tattoo designs. “Slim comics” is a project under my “art shop” where a group of my friends work on indie comics, we are still very small but we have fun, and its a passion of mine, that gets me close to other artists in my community. In 10 years, If I had my way, being as short sited as I am, I would like to be in a studio illustrating a book that I am passionate about, with my wife of 8 years in the other room thinking about what type of sandwich she is going to make me for lunch (not that its her job, I’m just saying that I like sandwiches).