About Taylor Moore.

bassMy name is Taylor Moore. I attend Ex’pression college for digital arts, studying game art design, so that one day I may be able to create an uncharted interactive environment that has the potential to make other people’s lives better. My creative drive comes from a lack of confidence. If I don’t know how to react to something, whether it is extremely difficult or beautiful and easy, I tend to express how it affects me through visual art.

Ten years from now I would like to be developing original, interesting games with a group of dedicated designers. I would also like to be closer to my family and possibly start one of my own. I want to be financially independent, but mostly in ten years I just want to be happy.

I am always motivated to work on my self-improvement. The success of friends, family, and inspiring artists influences me. Their progress and dedication makes me want to rise above and stay inclined to succeed. I started drawing at a young age; it’s how I remember my childhood. As I grew older I moved onto different mediums like pastels and charcoal, eventually settling down with acrylic paint. I have dabbled in Photography and digital editing but I know there is a lot more to learn.

I am excited to work with Michael on this documentary because I appreciate artistry, skill, and competition. The people at Rivendell Bicycle Works are hard working small business owners, competing with established big names. They have developed a very special craft, and they stick to it through thick and thin. Michael has a keen eye for aesthetic and I am confident this film will blow everyone away.

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