About Michael Tam.

My workspace.

My workspace.

I’m me. Currently a student at Ex’pression College in Emeryville going for the Game Art Design program. Not much more to say about that. I like playing MMORPGs, listening to various musics, cooking stuffs, taking photos, riding about on my bike, and drawing comic stuff in my spare time. Sleep in a lot when I can, and sometimes even when I shouldn’t.

Work part time as general office person doing book-keeping, accounting, payroll, and fixing all the computer stuff since apparently, no one else knows how to use Google.

I’m autistic, I don’t much like being around people too much, so I tend to be in my room a lot. Has a lot of my personality in it, so I think the photos about it work as an analogy.

Stereo stuff.

Stereo Stuff. Home theater pre-amp is hooked to my Macbook Air with an HDMI cable strung across the right.

This is a closer view of my stereo setup. I’m pretty picky about having very clear and detailed sound reproduction when I can get it. If not I’m usually happy with just having music playing. Kind of how I go through life–really nit-picky when if it calls for it, but otherwise I just take things as they are.

Also can see a handful of hand picked wines and other assortments I keep out when needed for that random occasion. I also like being prepared.

Some logos below I was working on for my own tag. Not sure about any of them, but I guess they are okay for the most part.

– Michael



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