The approach for our documentary to be.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe film’s style will be that of a collection of memories and thoughts, outside of real time, except for the ending, where it is brought to the present situation. Set in a warm, light tone, with melodies of folk acoustic guitar and cheery bicycle sounds. It should be clean, simple and to the point. Default font is Georgia.

Most of the film will comprise of video and stills as the visual component. Use of fancy motion graphics is to be kept to a minimum, as it doesn’t reflect the tone.

The film will be seen through the eyes of the narrator, starting by his introduction, then presenting his bicycle, which then quickly sets the stage with questions about why he purchased it.

Cut to the past where, the narrator is searching for the bicycle he’s been looking for, but unable to find.

The story then leads to the discovery of Rivendell Bicycle Works (RBW), slowly revealing shared thoughts and ideas that bring the narrator and RBW together. Also the quirkiness of the company it brought in as a sticking point for character and humor.

The bicycle is of course, purchased, but thoughts linger on the company that the narrator bought the bike from.

The film will then focus on the origins of RBW, its founder, and its reasons for continuing.

After that, the conclusion will sum up everything at this point, and then the film will end on a note of the speculative future of RBW.