LMW1 is over.

Well, have to post just for the occasion really. Guess we’ll see the results of grades and votes later. However, art homework looms like a dark cloud.


I dun want to draw dark clouds. I DRAW ANIMES! D:


Still at it.

I can’t stop tweaking stuff. Just in my nature I guess. Uploaded a dozen new headers into a random selection, expanded some articles, added new blog post categories, etc.

A couple pots of green tea is pretty potent stuff.

Serious revamp of the site.

I’ve combed over most of the details, added more content to be more betterer.

What I’ve done recently is that:

Hopefully I’m not missing anything crucial now.

So I didn’t follow the rules.

YouTube Preview Image


Here’s my project pitch video, in all its selectable 1080p glory (also not to spec, but that’s another subject ahaha).

Technically it’s supposed to include an interview audio clip, but I didn’t do that. I cut it at the last moment since it was intrusive to the pacing, the audio continuity, and generally disruptive to the flow as the audio cuts in and the whole video does a sudden shift to accommodate that.

I really didn’t like it. I felt it deeply impacted the momentum of the video and made it weaker, just to fill a bullet point on a list.

Whether or not that will impact my grade is not up to me to decide, but for better or worse, I think it works better for Rivendell Bicycle Works, if not me.

Lack of updates.

How apt.

How apt.

I just got a massive load of images and video clips off my camera and have been busy sorting and tweaking it for my final project. Hopefully I’ll get around to adding more content to the site and revamping some parts as it needs it.