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Creative Collaboration

The final product, post final critique polish!

Collectively Inspired Trailer

Here is another Trailer for the upcoming documentary “Collectively Inspired”

Featured Artist: JP Neang


Today I’d like to feature an artists that I have not done much work with in the past, but hope to in the future. JP Neang is an amazingly talented artists that works in an abstract style, primarily with with graphite and pastels along with various other mediums, that has worked as both an artist and as co-curator of large scale art projects across parts of northern California.

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Collectively Inspired Pitch

Here is a brief view of the footage and audio gathered during an interview the amazing Nick “Mynt” Trujillio and the fantastic JP Neang. This video is put together to spark an interest in people’s minds about how the collaborative work of artists can become an amazing single piece.

Collective Inspiration Project: Part 1

The recently added Collective Inspiration Project page details my current endeavor into understanding one way that inspiration is developed. My first venture into this subject will be with the already featured artist, Dyno, Nick “Mynt” Trujillo (as seen on the side bar), and JP Neang (whom I’m sure will be making a more in depth appearance on this site in the near future). I will be sitting down these artists and lead a discussion focused on how the group dynamic brings about inspiration. I will also document the creative process of a collaborative sketch between the three artists. Keep an eye out soon for the follow up post coming to you soon!

The Collective Inpsiration Project Storyboard

The main purpose of this blog is look into where and how different people find inspiration. As part of an assignment we must create a ~2 minute video embodying the main ideas of our project. Here is a quick story board made to help me organize my thoughts in the production of this video.


Ex’Radio Spot

Here is a pitch done for the school’s radio station. It’s a student ran station that is very open and welcoming to the student body.

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Featured Artist: Shwin

31039_1479047703956_25784_nThis time I’ll be featuring another artist I have worked with that has a very well developed style. Sherwin “Shwin” Rosario pumps the most content into the tiniest amount of space that I have seen. Taking markers and thin brushes to the canvas, he uses thin lines to cram simple characters and imagery into a much larger, complex overall piece.

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Past Work

I’ve decided to post and maintain a gallery here of my art work or all mediums. I’ll be putting interdependent pieces along with collaborative efforts into this gallery and feature it in a widget on the side bar in the near future. Get a sneak peak at the content right now after the break.

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An Infographic: Space Paintings

One of the earliest forms of art I partook in was this style of quick space paintings done with spray paint and a few other materials. I thought I would share a simple method and encourage others to try out it out!