Featured Artist: Shwin

31039_1479047703956_25784_nThis time I’ll be featuring another artist I have worked with that has a very well developed style. Sherwin “Shwin” Rosario pumps the most content into the tiniest amount of space that I have seen. Taking markers and thin brushes to the canvas, he uses thin lines to cram simple characters and imagery into a much larger, complex overall piece.

While the intricate style and depth of detail in the works of Shwin are doubtlessly the keystone elements of his work, he is not afraid to tackle much Shwin DIYlarger pieces; he has been featured by the Wonder Rose organization from Napa, CA, during their ‘DIY Fest’ event, as one of the artists partaking in piece that spanned about twenty-two feet and stood at eight feet tall, with a eight foot by four foot section all to himself! Along with the gargantuan project from the DIY Fest, he was also featured on a piece custom fit for the entrance hallway of the Oakopolis Gallery, which runs over thirty feet!

Getting back down to the things that inspire me about this artist, the use of a Shwin Jambread Shirtfairly simple, carefully picked color pallet in his busy style allows you to get a grip of the whole picture  while being amazed by the depth of detail in any given section of a his artwork. The toolkit of a digital artist lends itself well to Shwin’s style and he makes amazing use of the ability to create digitally giant pieces and fill them with detail on such a small scale. He has even adopted these aspects to a very few number of t-shirt designs that sell out quickly whenever he has them for sale at an event.

I highly suggest you set aside some time to get lost in some of the amazing works on the Shwinstar Studio blog 

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