Featured Artist: Dyno


DynoToady I’d like to take a look at a talented artist who I’ve had the honor of working with in the past on several project. JR ‘Dyno’ Ignacio has become a local celebrity in the Solano county area and beyond in the urban culture for his clothing line that he designs, paints, and silk screens all on his own. Along with orignal concepts, he stays conscious of the media and pop culture by creating designs that reference subjects such as movies and sports.

While t-shirts are his largest claim to fame, he is no stranger to the gallery scene; galleryDyno has been featured at several venues and events across northern California. Some notable inclusions are 111 Minna Gallery, Space Gallery, 1AM Gallery in San Francisco along with Dragatomi Designer Toy Shop and Gallery, and Havoc Boutique in Sacramento. I met Dyno while working with an art collective, based in Vallejo, California called Individual Collective, doing live paintings at events that ranged from open mic shows in the wine country, to charity and community events, to hip-hop shows in the bay area, and several types of events in between.

Working with, and keeping up with the art work of Dyno has shown me how an individual, well defined, thematic style of art can be characterized in many ideadifferent fashions. While he does plenty of art sans prehistoric creatures, he is constantly coming up with different, fresh ideas to mesh contemporary themes with jurassic content.

Be sure to stay up on what this talented artist is doing by checking him out on tumblr.


ALSO! Not to long ago I hit Dyno up about the opportunity for an interview, and lets just say you should keep an eye out right here on the EB Spot for that in the near future.


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