Kisai OTO Watch

Here is an awesome tech accessory that mixes up some the standard way of presenting time and throws an interactive element on top of it. Take a look at this watch (as featured on this article over at Engadget) that pairs an audio visualizer with the time read out which, in and of itself, makes some interesting design choices.

Check out the video and my thoughts after the break.

While having an audio visualizer on your wrist is cool as all hell, I especially like the way the time is displayed. This neat info graphic from the official Tokyoflash webpage explains how to read this neatly composed pile of numbers that’s suppose to be the time.Kisai OTO

The part about it being “EASY! TO TELL THE TIME” bugs me for more reasons than the interjected punctuation and all caps; the lay out is fairly counter intuitive. The hours and minutes are read from left to right, in descending order, as is the norm, but the seconds being placed in column format to the right of these two chunks of information makes it somewhat disarming at first glance. Also, on the actual display, there is no differentiation of color between hours, minutes, or seconds.

That being said, I love it. Maybe it’s that part of me that loves having something that I feel like I need to decipher  for others who look at it, but despite the initial confusion that this lay out invokes I would love to rock something like on my wrist. It’s no secret I’m a fan of new ways of conveying information and the juxtaposition of a top down read out of one category of info sided by traditional lay outs gets (again, despite the poor first impression the format makes) a huge thumbs up from me.

Once again be sure to check out the following!

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