Featured Website: Design Milk

designmilkA website I find myself often frequenting for finding interesting reads and really cool stuff is Design-Milk. This nifty web magazine features many different examples of design. You can get a pretty good feel of what’s going on in the design world by paying attention to this website and browsing around their style and fashion, art, architecture, home furniture, or any one of their other categories that you can find on their site. They also have several regular editorial columns that I have always found to be worth the read.

I for one keep up to date on by following the Design-Milk twitter, but you can also like them on Facebook, pin them on your Pinterest, and even sign up for a newsletter. Link to all those can be found on their site, which is now featured on the side bar of the EB Spot!

P.S. For all you dog lovers out there they even have a sister site dedicated to modern dog design! Check that one out over at Dog-Milk.

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