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Anthony Anderson

Prologue (The short, short version): Our story begins with a young lad born in the wrong time and into a poorly suited culture. Since the day of his inception, the child meandered about, completely harmless by nature, inquisitive, probably more than a tad naive, and very much off in his own little world. Now, in an attempt to keep this brief so you actually keep reading… Flash forward through all of the development and laughter and sorrow that tookplace in the eighteen years that is (are?) my life and here we are in the present time.

IMG_0111My name is Anthony Anderson. What is an Anthony Anderson you may ask? Well, depending on your knowledge of pop culture and ridiculous movies involving kangaroos and gratuitous sums of money, he is an actor. However! I assure you, the actor of which I speak is not the one writing this page. No, this Anthony hails from Vacaville, California.


A little about myself: I love all music almost without a choice, instruments (looking at them, playing them, talking about them, etc.), people, winter, working out, Norse mythology, European history (though I know very little of it), Scotland specifically (though I have not been), making things, reading, and honestly enjoy most things. And I am extremely lucky/grateful to be going to Ex’pression College. If you are a student at said college, or just a random citizen passing by or visiting the school, feel free to approach me and maybe play a bit of music. I’m sure you’ll probably be able to find me on the back of my truck playing guitar.

Drew Yardumian

My name is Drew Yardumian. I am a current Sound Arts student at Ex’pression College. I am interested in the East Bay Steampunk documentary because it is an old practice that seems to be dying down. I am eager to attend Steampunk events and experience the different sub-culture. I am not extremely knowledgeable on this topic which makes me want to learn more about it.

Peter FongĀ 

I am Peter Fong. I am currently attending Ex’pression College studying the field of Sound Arts. One of the main reason why I am going to this college is that I wish to follow my desire to learn more about pre and post production of live sound. Along with that I want to learn about the audio editing software on a professional level.

The thing that drew me towards the topic of Steampunk is the idea that steampunk is an alternate reality in which steam is dominate in the industrial era. It really interests me in the way that these people are essentially artists. These people are creating physical characters in an ever expanding world of Steampunk in what would be a fictional universe.

What I currently know about Steampunk is that it has a heavy Victorian influence mixed in with the idea of steam being a predominate technology. What I also know is the products and tools created with the Steampunk universe in mind are influenced by an industrial design. I would like to dive deeper into this topic so I may better understand the people and the characters they help create. Also how the style of various gadgets change.


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