Film Proposal

Pantheon Productions Proposal



“What is Steampunk?”




We are Pantheon Productions. The members are Anthony Anderson, Peter Fong, and Andrew Yardumian.




Our film will explain Steampunk and it’s importance through the stories of the participants we interview.




We are focusing on young adults between 20 and 30. This is the age group that is most unfamiliar with the Steampunk.




By the end of the film the unenlightened will have a strong understanding of what Steampunk is and why it matters to them. The main intention with our audience is to expose them to a new practice. We want to inform the misinformed, change negative opinions towards Steampunk, and present a clear definition of this new culture.




We will make multiple piano tracks to pick from and match with the feeling of the film. The soundtrack will be an original piano piece composed by Pantheon Productions. It will follow the overall tone and pacing of the documentary. We are creating a piece with a Victorian theme to co-exist with the Victorian theme apparent in Steampunk. Spaces include, crowded dance halls, empty museums, sound studios, hallways, and noisy conventions. The varying spaces will require an ambience recording for the different environments. To do this we will have an Zune H4n recording every new ambience. This will cover B-Roll as well as any extra sound effects we need to add. We are using sound effects from, recording original Foley, and incorporating other sounds from the sound server used in MSV.



How will we treat our film? Above all we want our film to maintain a professional standard throughout the entirety. The first thing we agreed on as a group was setting the bar for the quality of our documentary. We will get clean audio and strong visuals to tell the story. Motion graphics and experimenting with typography will be incorporated to better present our core concept.


We will use a three point lighting kit to liven our scenes. Interviews will be shot close-up, with extreme close-ups, and B-Roll of actions mentioned. We use soft shadows on our interview subjects with title cards to represent their professions and practices. Also with lighting we will try to avoid harsh shadows using flex fills and bounce cards. We will be using cookies to softly diffuse light.


Our group will have two cameras always filming and a handheld recording device to gather clean audio. Camera movements will be operated by all group members, we will apply multiple angles and depths of field. This will give us more options when it comes time to editing shots together. Additionally, we will use clean cuts and transitions to change between shots and scenes. To have stable tilts and pans on the camera we are bringing a tripod. We will have a lot of animated Steampunk stills to show the versatility offered by the art form. For extended coverage we are providing a third camera from home. This will allow us to get the most coverage of the events.


Our audio will be recorded with an H4n equipped with the windscreen. This handheld Zoom will record all ambiences and is our safety net for clean audio. To have total control on ambience dynamics and background sounds we will use the Zoom, recording room tones independently gives us more control when mixing down the finished product. Our secondary microphone is a Sennheiser condenser. It will be outfitted with the dead cat and zeppelin to silence wind noise and unwanted sounds. To keep the microphone from shaking we will use the handle and or the boom pole on the Sennheiser. For interviews and intricate audio the Sennhesier will have priority over the Zoom. Lastly for audio our soundtrack will be played on the piano, we will record the composition by hooking up the Zoom to the piano via XLR cables. In a closed studio environment an H4n will be more than enough to establish a clean soundtrack.


After all our media has been gathered we will request lab time to further edit and mix the film. After, we will level voices to stay within a consistent dynamic range. Since we are all Sound Arts students we will mix our audio in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, or GarageBand. Any of these audio interfaces will be more than capable to capture a professional quality audio. Following audio fixes we will add any stylized changes we see fit in Final Cut Pro X. We will review our film and critique it ourselves before we render a final production.








We will use a fast paced style to represent the post industrial revolution. We will be down to earth throughout the film and try to avoid coming across as being on a different level. This will involve fast and numerous cuts, a variety of transitions, and a very stylistic approach in general. Then, we will use informative narrations only when necessary, we will stick to letting the people in the film tell the story from their perspectives. We will avoid negatively influencing answers and “Stepping on Toes”. The connections we make will be indirect so the story is allowed to speak for itself and this will make it easier to connect with their personal struggles and experiences. Our style will expose the reasons people love Steampunk. We will bass our questions to get only genuine answers so nothing seems set up or fake.





We, the members of Pantheon Productions, vow to accurately and fairly document all events and interviews free of bias. We agree to refrain from harshly manipulating any participants for the purpose of truthful responses. Finally, we promise to only produce material agreed upon by documentary subjects.


So let it be written, so it shall be done.

(Great Pharaoh Rameses, Egypt 1600 B.C.)



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