Extensive Help

I just wanted to make a post which recognizes the people that have been and are planning on helping us with the film and thank you collectively. Every single one of you has been incredibly enthusiastic, helpful and welcoming. It’s been making the process of creating the documentary that much more rewarding.

Each of the following three following people also helped to get my blog going in the first place.

Brian Gardner- Agreed instantly to us filming him and his dancers at one of his upcoming Swing Goth events.

Captain Lucky (Cory)- Has agreed to us setting up equipment during the Aether Brigade’s presentation at Nova Albion. He’s also helped out with the site a bit through tips and in pointing me in the direction of a few things. Further elaboration–> He’s also, without me mentioning it, asked if he could show the blog to the Bay Area Steampunk Association.

Christopher Lester- Introduced me to Brian, and has gotten the group interviews with eight other amazing people. He’s also, again without me even mentioning it to him, attempting to get me a press pass to Nova Albion.

Along with this we’ve confirmed interviews with Chris Garcia, the curator of the Computer History Museum in mountain View, Alyssa Rosenbloom, who has put on several steampunk conventions and is an expert in steampunk music.

Christopher has also gotten us contact info of Mark Ribau (costumer), Vanessa Applegate (Costumer), Miss Kalendar (Steampunk/Knitting Podcaster, host of Brass Needles podcast, costumer), Gail Carriger (Author of New York Times-bestselling PARASOL PROTECTORATE, costumer, archaeologist, tea enthusiast), and Francesca Myman (editor of LOCUS Magazine, costumer)

Thanks again to all of you,                                                                                            Anthony Anderson

Future Confirmed Filming Dates

Hello everyone, my name is Peter Fong and I one of the newest member for this blog. I’m interested in steampunk mainly for the victorian theme it has. More on the Curators page.

Anyways, the following dates will consist of our group going out and filming;

April 8th: We will be interviewing the curator of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. This will take place in front of the Babbage exhibit. http://www.computerhistory.org/babbage/

April 11th: This day will be the Swing Goth alt dance event. We will be walk around with cameras and Zoom H4Ns recording and capturing the event around us.

April 27th: We will attending Nova Albion, in which we will be interviewing numerous attendees and those that are partaking in the events.

Peter Fong

Brian Gardner and Swing Goth

Brian Gardner of Swing Goth has returned an email and he seems to be incredibly enthusiastic about working with us. He’s told us he’ll get us permission to film swing goth in two weeks time as well as possibly a few interviews with he and his dancers. Along with this he was nice enough to make us hosts on the Facebook event for accurate representation. Looks like that night will start off our A-roll, a well as provide some very interesting B-roll shots

Word from the Captain

We’ve received word from Captain lucky of the Aether Brigade and he’s decided to help us with our film. He’s also asked to show our work to the Bay Area Steampunk Association, to which we replied a very long explanation which basically meant “Yes, of course. Please do, and thanks.” Very excited to be working with him and even more excited to see how forward he’s being about th project. It would appear the documentary is off to a very good start.

Carrier Pigeons out

As of now, we’ve sent out emails to everyone we could think of that may be interested in working on this project (provided their contact info was available) including: The Aether Brigade, Brian Gardner of Swing Goth, Five Ton Crane, and Christopher Lester whose contacts helped the blog become a success. We await replies and hope that they will be as interested in making this documentary as we are.


After giving a brief, 4-5 minute pitch to my peers in an attempt to win their votes so that my blog can go on to become a documentary, the verdict is a testament to all of the hard work I put into this blog: the blog has been voted through. So, for the following eight weeks, I will work alongside two very talented, hard working individuals (Peter Fong, Drew Yardumian) and through collaboration and dedication we’ll ensure that the blog’s successor is the best documentary we’re capable of making.


Kory Doyle talks about Clockwork Alchemy

Kory Doyle, cofounder of the steampunk convention Clockwork Alchemy, talks about the convention, and gives shares his refreshing views of the subculture.

This year’s convention is actually coming up on May 24th to 27th, and considering the things Kory elaborates about in this interview, any of you out there interested in steampunk aren’t going to want to miss it, so prepare for an expedition to San Jose!


[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/80290723″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Jennifer Brown from the Sacramento Steampunk Society talks about her steampunk swap

I got the chance to speak with Jennifer Brown, the woman running the entire meet. It’s incredible how much she organized, her event couldn’t have turned out better. Very nice, very helpful, very pink hair equaling a very cool person.

Here is her explanation of the event she put on:

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/79725172″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]