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Jennifer Brown from the Sacramento Steampunk Society talks about her steampunk swap

I got the chance to speak with Jennifer Brown, the woman running the entire meet. It’s incredible how much she organized, her event couldn’t have turned out better. Very nice, very helpful, very pink hair equaling a very cool person.

Here is her explanation of the event she put on:

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Captain Archer “Lucky” Peddycord of the Aether Brigade and his personal time machine

I had the honor of speaking with Captain Archer “Lucky” Peddycord of the Aether Brigade. An incredibly interesting person and a totally great guy, I was lucky enough to talk to him for a while and hear a bit of his story. I definitely admired how into his role he was, he even used a fake irish accent (didn’t sound fake) throughout. He did not compromise his role for the entire day, very impressive.

Here is some audio I recorded of him presenting his one man time machine “the Chronohopper.”

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The Aether Brigade is, as written on the six page, continuously well put and hilarious flier I received from the Captain, “an extratemporal division of Her Majesty’s Witchfinder Army.” A group “charged with both defending the British Empire and her allies, past, present, and future, against the extramundane threats and the education of the common man against such extramundane threats.”

They’re a group of roleplayers with very in depth roles who even act out presentations of their inventions and pieces about missions and role specific info. The description on their site reads as follows:

“The Aether Brigade! is a transmedia story. Basically that means that it is a single story told across multiple platforms. We develop the characters and the story through our live performance troupe and also through the web comic, in fiction written by us and someday perhaps also in webisode format.”

All very nice, cool people, and incredibly funny. They definitely put on a show at the convention. If you’re interested in finding out a little more about The Aether Brigade, visit their site at:

Also, it takes time and money to play out their acts for the steampunk community and keep up on their webcomic, so if you’re part of said community, or are just interested and want to help out, check out this link here: