A note for the aspiring steampunk

I think I’ve about reached my blogging limit for the day, but before I go, I’d like to say just this:

Though you can easily (well easily for someone who can browse the internet normally with even the least bit of focus(not me)) find info about steampunk online, after going to yesterday’s event it’s become completely clear that, as with any subculture I suppose, the only way to really get a feel for it and find out what it is and what it’s like is to go to an event. So, for all you timid, ordinary civilians, become a fearless explorer for just one day and really get to the heart of steampunk.

First Convention at last!

Finally a chance to get some time with real people in the scene instead of just reading on the internet. This is where both the real work and fun are going to come in. I even already have a contact on the inside: Brian Gardner from Swing Goth has agreed to speak with me and answer a few questions. Hopefully I’ll also be able to speak to many more at the convention and get some pictures in as well.

Wish me a successful expedition comrades

New Prospects

At the moment, I’m attempting to get contacts who are involved in three separate organizations Steampunk Magazine, Five Ton Crane, and the Crucible. I plan on sending out emails to each of these organizations by tonight or tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be receiving quick responses so the interviews can finally be underway.

I have been contacting a man by the name of Christopher Lester, thanks to Laura Talon, and at last I seem to be getting somewhere with the project. I’m explaining the goal of the project to him today and hopefully he’ll be able to point me in the direction of a few people to talk to.

I also need to try and follow up on my source for people that attend the handcart regatta. Wish me luck

The real research starts

The researching is going a little rough at the moment. I’ve just started going a little deeper into the world of steampunk. I’m currently looking into multiple sources, including Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Coilhouse, the Steampunk Bible, Steampunk Magazine, and the Steampunk Federation to try and develop a deeper understanding of what steampunk is and where it’s rooted.

However, I’ve not yet been able to talk to anyone in person, and since there aren’t any steampunk events going on in the area that I know of, it’s putting a bit of a damper on my research. But I’ll keep my hopes up and continue researching on the internet so that when I do finally get in touch with someone in the scene I can be at least somewhat knowledgeable.