New Prospects

At the moment, I’m attempting to get contacts who are involved in three separate organizations Steampunk Magazine, Five Ton Crane, and the Crucible. I plan on sending out emails to each of these organizations by tonight or tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be receiving quick responses so the interviews can finally be underway.

I have been contacting a man by the name of Christopher Lester, thanks to Laura Talon, and at last I seem to be getting somewhere with the project. I’m explaining the goal of the project to him today and hopefully he’ll be able to point me in the direction of a few people to talk to.

I also need to try and follow up on my source for people that attend the handcart regatta. Wish me luck

Riddles to be decoded!

How did steampunk originate?

Are there any cultural qualities associated with steampunk such as quirks, vernacular, lifestyles, things looked down upon, etc?

What draws one to steampunk? What draws you specifically?

Do you feel that steampunk reflects who you are in a way? Does it represent you artistically?

Proper way to refer to one who partakes in the subculture of steampunk? A steampunk? steampunker???

and a question promised to answer for Heidi, our school’s fantastic librarian: Why the goggles???

List subject to change, questions to be added as immediately after first appearance in brain as possible