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The Focus: My name is Anthony Anderson, and I’m a student at Ex’pression college in Emeryville. This blog came about from a media based class assignment in which students were required to choose a topic and research it to their fullest potential; the blog served as a canvas for the documentation of that research, along with the storage of certain assignments. The primary reason I decided to make a blog on steampunk centralized in the East Bay is, as I stated in the “Info on the Curator” page of this website, I’ve always felt myself to be a bit of an anachronism. Initially the blog began as a very general piece, but its focus has gradually shifted more and more towards the people that make up the steampunk community.

At the end of the term, students from the class present their blog to the rest of the class. If the class approves of the topic, it goes on to be adapted into a short documentary. This blog was one of those which ascended to that title. Now in the second portion of this class, I’ve assembled a three person group (Peter Fong and Drew Yardumian), and together we will be creating said 7-8 minute documentary to explain steampunk and its importance through the participants we interview.

The Blog: This website is for people in the area who really know almost nothing about steampunk, but are interested in the topic and would like to be a part of the scene in some way, much like myself when I started the website. I think that many (especially in the East Bay considering the number of artists in the area, and that the East Bay is a hot spot for streampunk activity) are interested in steampunk and possibly just don’t know how to incorporate themselves into the scene or educate themselves in order to do so.

So, with that said, I hope the site can serve as a starting point for some of you aspiring steampunk. Our intention is to get people comfortable and interested to add to the scene. On the site, you will find resources, such as links and names of organizations, information on the topic, and a bit of random steampunk related posts, all of which should help to give he or she that is viewing the site a feel for what steampunk is, and plenty of places to start their journey into the world of steampunk.

With Love,                                                                                                                            The Curators

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