Future Confirmed Filming Dates

Hello everyone, my name is Peter Fong and I one of the newest member for this blog. I’m interested in steampunk mainly for the victorian theme it has. More on the Curators page.

Anyways, the following dates will consist of our group going out and filming;

April 8th: We will be interviewing the curator of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. This will take place in front of the Babbage exhibit. http://www.computerhistory.org/babbage/

April 11th: This day will be the Swing Goth alt dance event. We will be walk around with cameras and Zoom H4Ns recording and capturing the event around us.

April 27th: We will attending Nova Albion, in which we will be interviewing numerous attendees and those that are partaking in the events.

Peter Fong