A “post expedition to steampunk convention” post

I have returned from a very successful trip into the world of steampunk. It was incredibly fun and full of some of the nicest and most open people I’ve ever met. It provided the long awaited material that Ineeded to really get the site into motion.

I’v learned much on my journey. The convention was an incredible help for the project and has provided me with names of organizations to further help my research, and left me with friends which will undoubtedly benefit the project if it goes on to become a documentary. Each and every one of them are some of the most interesting and incredible people I’ve met, and I am both happy and honored to have spoken with all.

The way it went down: As is usual with something like this that I’m unaccustomed to, I was initially a little apprehensive, but interest combined with the knowledge that I actually had a job to do pushed me to “man up” and I stopped caring. That almost everyone I met there was incredibly cordial and kind helped too. The building it was held in was lined wall to wall with inventors and craftsman selling their wares; elaborate masks, electronically made gears, intricate clocks and theoretical time machines, pirate gear, military gear, original paintings, steampunk novels, costumes spanning from renaissance to today… you name it. If it could be even loosely related to steampunk, it was probably there. Along with this there were several organizations there, and also New York Times best selling steampunk author Gail Carriger.

I stepped in and was instantly welcomed by Jennifer Brown, the woman behind the organization of the entire event. She helped me find Brian and get my research underway. Both Brian and Jennifer were incredibly helpful and were more than happy to speak to me for the site. I also spoke with Captain Archer “Lucky” Peddycord of the Aether Brigade and Cory Doyle of Clockwork Alchemy. All were very interesting and cool people who made me feel right at home. I will be featuring all of them on the site.

The convention was such an enjoyable experience. I recommend it to anyone who hears about any kind of steampunk related event in the future to go to it and enjoy themselves. It doesn’t matter if you don’t particularly like dressing up or you’re not accustomed to the steampunk subculture, the event-goers will make you feel incredibly welcome, you’ll be met with kindness over and over again and you’ll learn all about steampunk.



I have come bearing pictures (not as many as I would have liked to have gotten) and audio¬†from a few different interviews (more than I had expected to get). I’ll be posting all about those interviews here shortly, but before then becomes now, I”ll share a few more pictures of the booths, people in very elaborate costumes, and some dancin’ brought to you by Swing Goth.