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Aloha, my name is Devon Williams, i recently started Capoeira Class in late summer, Seth “Pimenta” Martinez is my instructor, and i have to tell you, Capoeira as a martial art intimidated me in the beginning. But Seth’s wisdom on life, patience, and motivating teaching style, made it all more comfortable. his life story and talent for teaching are the reasons for making him the center point of this documentary.

Devon Williams: liaison, editor and audio production


Natalie Steffen ♣

My name is Natalie Steffen, and when we started this project I knew very little about Capoeira past that it was a martial art practiced by slaves in the past. I didn’t even know that people still practiced it. Now that we’re further into the project, I know a lot more and it’s only made me more interested in the topic. The history is fascinating and hearing about how it basically changed Seth’s life is almost awe-inspiring. If I weren’t so clumsy and  injury-prone I would take up Capoeira myself. In terms of my skill-set for the project, I know the basics of pretty much everything, but I enjoy handling the camera and working in AfterEffects the most.


♠ Francis Comerford ♠

My name is Francis Comerford and I’ve known a small amount of Capoeira history before I began this Pimentá project. I’m actually very excited to learn more about the history of my culture and would love to try a bit of the moves out myself. I’m very good with time management and camera work. I have no issues with learning new programs throughout the duration of this project. I’m amazed at how this dance/fighting style changed his life. I’m very interested to learn more about his story and be a part of this MVMNT.


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