About the Documentary

The narrative spine of our documentary is Seth’s chronological journey through life.

Our main character is Seth Martinez. Other than interview footage of him we’re planning on taking a go pro camera and having him or Devon wear it during one of their classes. We’re also getting footage of Seth’s old neighborhood and possibly footage of his family. We’re also planning to get old photos of Seth from when he was young.

The conflict in our story is the troubles Seth had growing up and his eventual turnout of becoming a Capoeira instructor and an inspiration for others and this documentary. The change unfolding in the piece is the same, looking at Seth’s transformation from a kid who earned the nickname Pimenta, meaning “pepper” for being so rowdy into a respectable adult and teacher.

Our piece could have problems being visually strong because it’s mostly about the past. We need a lot of archival footage and photographs in order to get the point across. Though it may seem easy for us to get footage of Capoeira, we have to keep in mind that our film is not about Capoeira, but about Seth.

Capoeira Bay Steez

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About Me

Aloha, my name is Devon Williams, I’m a Interactive Audio major at Ex’pression College. I consider loving music an understatement, i’m deeply passionate about it. everyday i’m searching for new and initiative ways of musically expressing myself. Music is not just a mere hobby, but its way of life for me. Creating Music that inspires, educates and uplifts the average person is the ultimate fulfillment for me. Ten Years from now, i hope to be a fully accomplished songwriter,producer, studio engineer, and composer, including teaching others who share the passion. My biggest influences are artist such as Bob Marley, Groundation,Weather Report, George Benson, Flying Lotus, J-Dilla, Vince Guaraldi, Donny Hathaway,Outkast and the Wu-tang Clan. I produce beats and compositions in the hip hop, jazz, soul, indie alternative styles, studio engineering including songwriting and performing.

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