Seth’s World of Capoeira

Seth’s World of Capoeira


Seth is seen here teaching and motivating capoeiristas, to use a combination of different moves to learn the importance of awareness, patience, and confidence, that eventually results in more fluidity in techniques.

Pushing The Limits

Seth is respected as a great instructer, cause he seeks to draw the best out of all his students. He feels if he pushes you to learn more difficult  techniques like these,the basic ones will come natural in time.

The Roda

The Roda is a circle or gathering of capoeiristas who partake in the game of capoeira. Individuals who form the Roda, usually take turns in no particullur order, going inside the circle. Some of the people in the roda may play as spectators, in the sense that they will not go inside the circle, but they are usually expected to contribute to the roda by at least singing, clapping, or playing some instrument.


Not only is the MVMNT Studio, the home base of Mastre Seth’s Capoeira classes, it also houses classes for Breakdancing and House dance, providing a creative outlet for dance artist of all ages and backgrounds.This little hotbed of art and dance can be located on 2973 Sacramento St.,Berkley, California. For more infomation the Studio can be contacted (510) 984 4278 or thru the website http://www.mvmnt.coIMG_0855