About The Project

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form combining fight, dance, rhythm and movement, and according to Maestre Seth, it’s a life changing experience. i will be exploring the importance capoeira plays in his life, as well as a few others. i have also become a new student in the art of `capoeira, and i can also testify to the power it has on life. Seth has been involved in capoeira for over 15 years, now instructing students from all walks of life from the MVMNT dance studio in Berkeley,California. His role in being a Maestre or Master and experience in art of capoeira itself, is testement to a journey of growth, discipline, and overcoming all obstacles.

Seth is now faced with the challenge of enrolling new students in the Capoeira school based in the Bay Area. while maintaining the role of father and Maestre, he takes on these with a positive outlook and a unbreakable humility. keeping the school up and running and providing an creative environment for dancers to express themselves, is a challenge he is willing to take on.

his dedication to teaching and inspiring others, including nurturing the art of capoeira is testement to his amazing character. always supportive, always a positive guide, and always searching for ways to motivate the next soul who is as hungry as him in growing in capoeira. this project will illustrate how capoeria has influenced his journey in life including others. i hope this project paint a picture of Capoeira, and the vital role it plays mentally, physically, and philosophically.


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