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Welcome to My World

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My name is Justin Jimenez aka DeyDey. I am 19 years old and I currently live in the Bay Area.

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I am one of five members in the dance group Collage Crew. Collage Crew consists of five high school friends who all share the love for dancing in hopes of becoming successful through their talent. Dancing was a talent that I discovered in my sophomore year in high school of 2012-2013. I grew an amazing interest for it and took the dancing course all the way 'til the end of my high school years. Ever since then, I live for the thrill of having to perform in front of an audience and hear them cheer me on as I give my all on stage. 


I am currently a student at Ex'pression College. I believe that everyone loves music and that they enjoy it. However, I've always thought that the whole process of making it was very interesting. I never knew that I wanted to go in depth until I went to the college for a tour. From there, I knew that I wanted to expand my knowledge on sound and recording. 


Growing up, I've always been drawing and that was what made me a person of creativity. My classmates would usually refer to me as the "artist" in the class. I remember when I was in 1st grade, we were making paper houses and everyone was doing the basic technique that our teacher taught us. But for me, I was one that always tried to think outside of the box. Instead of making a house, I made a mansion. 


What drives me creatively is me trying to do something everyone isn't already doing. I try to incorporate things that people have never done before, even if it's very little added. I'm also driven by wanting to inspire others in the most impacting and/or influencing way. I want to be able to promote positivity all around the world.


As the years come by, I see Collage Crew becoming a successful dance group. I see that once we've all made it, everyone will be able to branch out onto their own paths successfully in however shape or form they choose.

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My best friend and I are working on starting our YouTube channel that features a variety of content. From skits to challenges, to whatever else, I see our channel growing as we become the next big thing. As the years come by, I see us inspiring others with our content and finally getting our tv show. 


In the next ten years, I see myself performing, making music, recording others, exploring acting and possibly be on tv or the movies, and more. I plan to explore as many talents as I can in the near future. Let's see where God takes me…